HG Contemporary is committed to exhibiting internationally and locally acclaimed artists, whose processes and backgrounds are unique, diverse, and relevant. With their uniqueness our mission is to create value for collectors and artists alike. 


HG Contemporary is a breakthrough gallery founded by Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim in 2014. The gallery has built a reputation for unearthing distinct artists and producing shows that embrace groundbreaking aesthetics and concepts. The gallery is committed to developing an international contemporary program that is ambitious as well as diverse. This commitment carries with it an innovative and clear vision about producing exceptional art exhibitions as well as a deep understanding of visual culture's function within and beyond the walls of the gallery. This approach includes a digital path, which is under way. HG Contemporary has produced exhibitions featuring: acclaimed street artist, RETNA, Tim Bengel, Stuart Alpine Miller, Jason Dussault, Massimo Agostinelli, Olga Tobreluts among many others.


Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim was raised in the former German capital city of Bonn, where he was exposed to the creative arts through his maternal grandmother, a noted antique and art collector, as well as his mother.  He graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree from Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge and went on to work as a financial analyst for Ernst & Young as well as The Hyatt Corporation. Philippe stayed tethered to the art world throughout his finance career by hosting events for artists in the US and Europe and an eventual advisory role in the secondary art market would introduce him to the possibility of joining his passion and business acumen. With HG Contemporary’s inaugural group exhibition in 2014 featuring artist RETNA, Philippe’s reputation for bold, provocative distinct artists was established. In addition to curating the gallery’s exhibitions, Philippe is actively engaged in numerous non-profit institutions including The Bowery Mission and as Board Chairman of Elevate New York with the Bronx Studio School for Writers and Artists.