Creations Parmis les Cinq Elements" Art Exhibit

Creations Parmis les Cinq Elements" Art Exhibit

PHG becomes the Resident Art Curator at the Ten Trinity Club, Four Seasons London, UK.

"Creations Parmis les Cinq Elements" is a special curation by Philippe H. Guggenheim who brings the most promising set of living talent with meteoric rises including Alexander Yulish, des Monstiers among others whilst bringing them together with works by Blue-Chip artists such as Yayoi Kusama, Andy Warhol and more. This thought-out presentation is woven together in a spectacular dialogue with the viewer and is not to be missed. Both the curator and some of the artists will be present.

Tuesday 11th – Philippe H. Guggenheim Curates an Exclusive Collection of Artworks Event (UN Ballroom) 
Philippe H. Guggenheim will be hosting the "Creations Parmis les Cinq Elements" Art Exhibit with the over most promising set of living talent.
17:00 - 20:00hrs | Complimentary | Four Seasons UN Ballroom

Tuesday 11th – Private Dinner with Philippe H. Guggenheim
From 20:00hrs | Three Course Dinner 

Wednesday 12th – Art as an investment with Philippe H. Guggenheim Breakfast
An exclusive breakfast prepared by Head Chef, Alex Tzatzos to be enjoyed with Philippe H. Guggenheim alongside a conversation about art as an investment
09:00 - 10:30hrs 

Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim. Founder of HG Contemporary Speaking at the National Museum Beijing, China

Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim. Founder of HG Contemporary Speaking at the National Museum Beijing, China

At the crossroads of technology and art stands Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim, a pioneer of merging art and science and an advocate for new, innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence and fractional, tokenized ownership of major works of art.

Cómo el heredero de una de las familias más ricas del mundo acaba organizando la exposición de un pintor manchego

Cómo el heredero de una de las familias más ricas del mundo acaba organizando la exposición de un pintor manchego

El Pais

Heredero europeo de un imponente apellido vinculado al poder y las finanzas, Philippe Guggenheim nos recibe en su galería de Marid y nos explica por qué eligió España y cuánto pesa un apellido tan reconocido en todo el mundo.

Arte Emergente

Arte Emergente

Revista Interiores

How Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim, owner of hg contemporary art gallery, finds talent in the art world

Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim Finds New Art World Talent

Daily Front Row

Private collections and posh events give the art world cachet, but at its core, art is all about emotion. Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim of HG Contemporary shares how galleries have evolved, his talent scouting approach, and more.

Space Man by Marc Gumpinger at Summer Highlights at Hg Contemporary in Nyc

Summer Highlights

2 Jul — 4 Aug 2019 at the HG Contemporary in New York, United States


HG Contemporary is pleased to present our “Summer Highlights” exhibition, featuring remarkable works by some of our most exciting artists.

Lucas Samaras by Contemporary Artist Philip Tsiaras at Hg Contemporary Art Gallery in Chelsea Nyc


By George Wayne


Philip Tsiaras has had a rather renowned and highly lucrative career as a contemporary artist of international acclaim.

Pointillist Portrait of Karl Lagerfeld from Dot Pop by Philip Tsiaras at Hg Contemporary Gallery in Chelsea


9 — 31 May 2019 at the HG Contemporary in New York, United States


HG Contemporary is pleased to host an exhibition of new works by international artist Philip Tsiaras. As a painter, photographer, ceramicist, bronze and glass sculptor, Tsiaras’ work touches on practically all art forms. In a conceptual sense he believes that each exhibition contains a personal element of surprise.

Pointillist Portrait of Mao, Mao Squared, from Philip Tsiaras's Latest Exhibit at Hg Contemporary

Tsiaras's Latest Exhibit Is as Iconic as the People He Painted

On view now through May 31, "Dot Pop Portraits" is the artist's way of mixing portraiture and painting.


As art mimics life, Philip Tsiaras has taken note. The Greek artist is known for his hand-dotted works, which he says are made up of "particle atoms.” In his latest exhibit, titled Dot Pop Portraits and on display at the HG Contemporary, his pointillist art is front and center, taking the shape of notable figures like Steve Jobs, Jackie O, and John F. Kennedy and Princess Diana. The multi-colored portraits come to resemble a sort of modern-day Roman mosaic, each embodying the personality of the icon it represents with meticulous attention to detail.

Image of Chains and Copper Panels by Franz Klainsek at the Chelsea art gallery of Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim, Curator


An interview with Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim on the gallery's newest exhibition and the future of HG Contemporary.


HG Contemporary’s newest exhibit, titled Chains, was produced by American artist Franz Klainsek. The Daily interviewed Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim, curator of the New York City art gallery, to find out more about the project and his exciting plans for expanding the gallery’s presence.

Torso by Alberto Bañuelos at Hg Contemporary Madrid

Alberto Bañuelos


El artista reúne seis esculturas y diez trabajos sobre papel de su producción reciente. Pintura y escultura dialogan en un muestra en la que las aparentes contradicciones entre dureza y suavidad, lo tosco y lo refinado, lo que permanecerá y lo que pasará, resultan no serlo tanto.

Decir Alberto Bañuelos es casi como decir piedra. Durante casi cuatro décadas el artista castellano (Burgos, 23 de noviembre de 1949) afincado largo ha en Madrid ha encontrado en ella y en su afán por domesticarla, comprenderla, penetrarla, el laberinto de un lenguaje. Su A ferida, en Muxía (A Coruña), un gigantesco bloque de granito recorrido por una grieta de arriba abajo frente al Atlántico, en el lugar donde se hundió en noviembre de 2002 el petrolero Prestige, es con sus más de 11 metros de altura y sus 400 toneladas de peso la escultura más grande de España. Y su trabajo con cantos rodados, que secciona, deconstruye y pule, le ha valido ser el primer artista europeo al que se le han abierto las puertas del Museo de Antropología de México por su parecido con las máscaras aztecas.


HG Contemporary owner Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim at TEDx

The Art Market: Today and Tomorrow | Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim


HG Contemporary founder Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim speaks on his art-world upbringing, finance, and the prominence of blockchain in the future of the art market.

Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim, Owner of HG Contemporary Gallery

Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim, Owner of HG Contemporary Gallery

An interview with Total Prestige Magazine

Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim has been a busy man over the last few years. The art expert has worked nonstop to reach more people and present the works of up and coming contemporary artists from around the globe.

Lady Gaga with French Sculptor Cévé

Lady Gaga gets a sculpture by Artist Cévé

"Inside the ballroom Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim and HG Contemporary erected an art installation featuring the work of contemporary French sculptor CÉVÉ." - Daily Front Row. And Lady Gaga was so smitten by the works of the artist that she received one of them. 

Mehwish Iqbal's Mind | Body | State at Hg Contemporary

Mehwish Iqbal's MIND | BODY | STATE

Opening March 7th at HG Contemporary

Mehwish Iqbal’s Mind, Body, State is an eclectic body of work that has evolved over a period of three years, in conjunction with her active engagement with women and children from refugee and migrant communities across Australia essentially influencing her art practice and thinking around the notion of home and belonging and mass migration globally.

Aican System at Hg Contemporary

Leaning into the algorithm

AICAN system debuts at HG Contemporary in NYC | Endadget magazine

Can a computer interpret 500 years of Western art history? Ahmed Elgammel's nearly autonomous system produces transcendental art

Aican exhibition at Hg Contemporary

What does a Machine know about Mortality?

Art in the Age of AI at HG Contemporary

Ahmed Elgammel's neural network pioneers contemporary art's digital horizon

Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim speaks at TedX Mexico City

Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim to speak at TEDx event

at Mexico City's Museo Tamayo

At the February 5th TEDx event in Mexico City, founder and owner of HG Contemporary Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim will discuss the expansion of the gallery and its forthcoming ventures. 

Philippe Hoerle Guggenheim


Fashion Week Daily

30 November, 2018

Art Basel kicks off next week and one of the most important faces on the scene is Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim of HG Contemporary. The Daily will be hosting a dinner with the renowned gallery owner at The Faena to kick off the fair, but first we thought we’d dig a little deeper with the name to know in the art world right now. 

Eduardo Kobra Mural

Kobra paints mural for HG Contemporary

Renown Brazilian streetartist Kobra painted a mural in collaboration with HG Contemporary gallery above the landmark restaurant Empire Diner on 22nd and Tenth Ave in Chelsea. Visible from the Highline, the wall depicts four iconic and revolutionary artists Andy Warhol, Frida Khalo, Keith Haring, and Jean-Michel Basquiat as a depiction of Mount Rushmore. Owner Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim comments that this mural is bringing art closer to the community and this works engages the viewer and draws an audience, as it should. Kobra painted 18 murals all around the city portraying themes of freedom, equality and peace. Below is a video of making of the Kobra mural. 

Veteran Portraits by Susan J. Barron

Depicting the Invisible Presented by Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim

A Portrait Series of Veterans Suffering from PTSD By Susan J. Barron

9 November 2018

Susan J. Barron’s beautiful and powerful 6x6ft mixed media depictions on canvas are achieved through photographic imagery, paint and text. Unflinchingly the veterans make direct eye contact with us. Incorporated into these photographic portraits are the veteran’s own stories in their own words. In these works, they give voice to their experience, their reality, their world. The elegance of the images confronts the brutality of the stories. Barron’s ultimate mission is not one of simplistic deification, but one of truthful illumination. This body of work is intended to not only give voice to these warriors’ harrowing, shocking, and often hopeful stories, but to create a dialogue and community around the difficult issue of PTSD. The mission is to depict the invisible scars of war and to show these brave individuals they are not alone. The mission is to end their isolation and depict them as the heroes they are. There will be a private gallery reception for veterans who graciously participated in the portrait series on Veterans Day, 2018.

Pop Culture meets Fine Art at Hg Contemporary



25 OCTOBER 2018

Piece from The Journey is the Destination by Dan Eldon


Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim presents activist Dan Eldon’s Primitivist Photo-collage for a Cause with “The Journey Is The Destination” at HG Contemporary

31 August 2018

Philippe H. Guggenheim presents activist Dan Eldon’s Primitivist Photo-collage for a Cause at HG Contemporary (527 W 23rd Street)

by Annabella von Fetan

Generational figurehead of Chelsea’s Gallery District, Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim keeps New York fresh and conscionable with a new show, “The Journey Is The Destination,” which will open the evening of September 6th, 2018 at HG Contemporary (527 W 23rd Street). The exhibition illuminates a beauty inside the struggle, which is so often lost against a hunt for the next path to pleasure.

Contemporary art gallery owner Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim

Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim on Magnifying Art's 'Human Connection'

Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim & HG Contemporary Gallery: Magnifying Art's 'Human Connection' and Expanding the Gallery's Presence Internationally | Bellus Magazine

Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim is a name to know when you’re looking for a gallerist who’s grasp on the art world knows no bounds. He has an ability to speak about art in a down to earth way and to use art to hone in on what anyone is looking for, a human connection.

Madrid inauguration at Hg Contemporary

Domingo Zapata Inaugurates HG’s Madrid Gallery in Signature Fashion

Artist Domingo Zapata Inaugurates HG Contemporary’s New Madrid Gallery Space in Signature Fashion | ARTNET

The Spanish artist known for his jet-setting lifestyle, collaborated with musician Alejandro Sanz to create a new body of paintings. 

Young Americans Tour at Hg Contemporary

Young Americans Tour

Featuring a show of colourful, cool, catchy Neo-Pop, American pop-sensation Jan Larsen captures the contemporary American experience in all its grit-and-glory.

Domingo Zapata and Alejandro Sanz at HG Contemporary Chelsea

Philippe Hoerle Guggenheim embraces groundbreaking aesthetics and concepts


Philippe Hoerle Guggenheim, the owner of Hoerle-Guggenheim Contemporary, is known for producing shows that embrace groundbreaking aesthetics and concepts that are a little out there so it came as no surprise to me that Alejandro and Domingo come from different artistic backgrounds and disciplines. The exhibition, which was meant to be seen as a “super meeting of the minds,” and a collaboration that echoes the vibrancy and personality of artists like Picasso and Basquiat only reinforced the following: why don’t I know who Domingo Zapata is and how has this gallery attracted so many people in the middle of a heat wave during Frieze Week?


Auckland Art Fair

Auckland Art Fair: Hoerle-Guggenheim Brings His Gallery To New Zealand

VIVA - New Zealand

With familial connections to the illustrious Guggenheim family, Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim has the pedigree to take his New York-based HG Contemporary Gallery to the top of its game.

Hg Contemporary Art Gallery founder Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim and artist Marc Gumpinger

Talking With Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim


Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim has a famous last name that is synonymous with the art world. A distant relative to the Guggenheims who founded the museum of the same name in the United States, Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim has cut out a path of his own. What this French-German living in New York City also has in common with the other Guggenheims is his passion for art. His love for the arts was developed at a young age. Inspired by his mother and grandmother, the German-born 36-year-old fell in love with art and those who create it. 

After spending time working in finance, he decided his true calling was to open the HG Contemporary Art Gallery in New York City. Hoerle-Guggenheim’s hip, cool and trendy art gallery shows off some of the best new artwork being created today by hot new artists. The Anglia Ruskin University graduate now sees his calling as a purveyor of the arts and has found his niche in the world. The HG Contemporary Art Gallery is thriving and Hoerle-Guggenheim couldn’t be more pleased with its potential as one of the upcoming art houses in New York City. 

Smile by Domingo Zapata and Alejandro Sanz at Hg Contemporary

Alejandro Sanz opens an exhibition in New York


The singer has inaugurated the show 'Smile', formed by thirty paintings painted in collaboration with the artist Domingo Zapata.

I had to choose between painting and music, things do not go half-way, I used to hang on a string before a canvas like a wall and I crashed against it with my paintings," Alejandro Sanz recently confessed to the agency. Efe . Although he finally opted for the world of music, this week he has taken up his more artistic side and has done it in style, with an exhibition nothing more and nothing less than in New York. A sample formed by thirty paintings painted in collaboration with the Mallorcan artist Domingo Zapata . Both have shown proud the result of their works, among which stands out one with a singular theme: the Royal Family.

Alejandro Sanz at Hg Contemporary Gallery

Alejandro Sanz, musician to painter of the tensions of 'La Familia Real'


Chelsea space gallery owner of HG Contemporary, Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim, takes to heart when he explains his decision to go for the Madrid singer Alejandro Sanz and the neo -impressionist Mallorcan artist Domingo Zapata , who has been in New York since 1999, with the exhibition 'Smile', which can be seen until May 15.

In the sample, highlights the pieces, made by Sanz and Zapata, with the title 'The withered flower', 'What I love About You' (What I love you) or 'The Royal Family' (The Royal Family), valued between $ 5,000 and $ 65,000 . Without a doubt, especially the last one, it is destined to attract the attention of the Spanish public, because it gives the impression that it portrays the tensions of the Spanish Royal Family .

Sanz painting of Royal Family at Smile at Hg Contemporary

Alejandro Sanz paints the Royal Family


This joint exhibition is just another addition to a wildly popular and diverse career, this time exploring the world of music with renown musician Alejandro Sanz featuring Domingo Zapata. 

In 2017, Sanz received the Gold Medal of the Community of Madrid for his talent, his support of humanitarian causes and his ability to surmount obstacles. He has also received the Gold Medal for Merit in the Fine Arts granted by the Spanish Ministry of Culture, and the Vision Award bestowed by the White House through the Hispanic Heritage Foundation in recognition of his notable contributions to Latin music. 

A true renaissance man, Zapata has worked in everything from sculpture, painting, music, murals, and fashion. Born in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, Zapata splits his time between his studios in New York, Miami and Hollywood creating Neo-Expressionist paintings in both oil and acrylic with the incorporation of mixed media, collage and graffiti.

Domingo Zapata piece in Times Square

A Spanish artist sneaks into the screens of Times Square


The Spanish artist based in Miami Domingo Zapata is the first one who manages to seize his art from a quoted advertising space on the giant screens of the iconic New York Times square , but he is sure that it will not be the last. Born in Mallorca 43 years ago, Zapata has been showing videos of 15 seconds each since last Friday and for two months on the central screens of Manhattan's One Tower , which are shown randomly in this building designed in 1904 by the architect Cyrus LW Eidlitz .

Photographer Doug Menuez at HG Contemporary

A Witness to History - Fine Art Photographer Doug Menuez

The Impression Magazine Interview by George Wayne

Doug Menuez is the acclaimed photojournalist who – as with any great witness to history – was in the right place at the right time and with the right camera. His career began in 1981 as an intern to the Washington Post. It was only four years later that he found himself in 1985 Silicon Valley exploring and struggling alongside the young, still unknown scions of the emerging tech industry. Yes, befriending the likes of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates et alia – while wielding his camera and capturing some of the most profound and earliest images of the men who would become the pioneers and founding fathers of the tech industry of the 20th Century. Many of these images found their way into his highly acclaimed book Fearless Genius: The Digital Revolution 1985-2000 which has been published into multiple languages and is regarded as one of the most important visual documents to the early beginnings of the men and few women who, indeed, truly led a revolution.

Work by Marc Gumpinger at Hg Contemporary

Contemporary Art with a Digital Edge

Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim in Interview

While Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim has always had a passion for art—he says that he began collecting as a child—it was not until later in life that he realized that art could be not only his passion but also his career. Inspired by the great artists and intellectuals of the 20th century, from Peggy Guggenheim and Pablo Picasso to Max Ernst and Jackson Pollock, who lived and breathed art in a social and communal setting, Hoerle-Guggenheim wanted to open a gallery to bring artists together and encourage people to connect and experience the feeling of living with art. Four years ago, that dream was realized with the opening of HG Contemporary.

Fearless Genius by Doug Menuez at Hg Contemporary

Showcasing Those Who Altered The Course Of Humanity’s Evolution Forever

HG Contemporary Presents: A Monumental Photo Showcasing Those Who Altered The Course Of Humanity’s Evolution Forever | Exhibit PRWeb

Notable influencers featured in Fearless Genius include: Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, David Hockey, Bill Clinton, John Sculley, Ross Perot, Susan Kare, Russel Brown, Bill Joy

Fearless Genius by Doug Menuez at Hg Contemporary Chelsea

HG Contemporary Presents Fearless Genius by Doug Menuez



HG Contemporary presents: Fearless Genius, a monumental photo exhibit showcasing a pivotal time in American & technological history. With exclusive access to Steve Jobs, during a time described as the ‘golden era’ of Silicon Valley, Doug’s collection of masterfully crafted images documented a niche of American entrepreneurs who were on a mission to change the world. From the creators of the smartphone to the visionaries behind making the internet accessible to everyone, this era altered the course of humanity’s evolution. 

Field of Thought by Florian Crespol at Hg Contemporary

HG Contemporary Gallery presents first exhibition of Florian Crespol

New York Social Diary

For art lovers and collectors: HG Contemporary Gallery presented its first exhibition of painter Florian Crespol. Entitled “Field of Thought”, the exhibition brings together different paintings on wood and PVC by Crespol, who actively explores societal obsession and professional sports. The exhibition will be on view through February 27th, 2018 at 527 West 23rd Street.


Painter Florian Crespol covered by The Daily Telescope

Florian Crespol Unveils First Solo Exhibition, “Field of Thought”

Painter Florian Crespol Unveils First Solo Exhibition in New York City For His Successful Series, “Field of Thought” at the Hoerle-Guggenheim Contemporary Art Gallery

American-Italian painter Florian Crespol had a highly successful first exhibit of his series, “Field of Thought” at the HG Contemporary Gallery, at 527 West 23rd Street in New York City. The exhibit was launched with a private opening held on the evening of Feb. 7 and is scheduled to run through Feb. 25, 2018.


“We are extremely pleased and excited by the success of the exhibit's opening,” says Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim, founder and owner of HG Gallery. “Florian Crespol's work is bold, raw and exciting. The exhibit's opening drew international interest and it was such a success that we are planning to hold another one in June in Tokyo.”

Field of Thought Exhibition at Hg Contemporary art gallery

Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim on Florian Crespol's 'Field of Thought'

HG Contemporary Gallery is pleased to present the gallery’s first exhibition for painter, Florian Crespol. The exhibition entitled, “Field of Thought”, brings together different paintings on wood and PVC created by the artist who actively explores societal obsession with professional sports.

Florian Crespol, Hg Contemporary

Florian Crespol's first Exhibition entitled "Field of Thought"

On view from February 7th - February 25th, 2018.

HG Contemporary Gallery is pleased to present the gallery’s first exhibition for painter, Florian Crespol. The exhibition entitled, “Field of Thought”, brings together different paintings on wood and PVC created by the artist who actively explores societal obsession with professional sports.


Gallerist Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim, owner of Hg Contemporary


Curator & Gallery Owner, Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim


Curator and gallery owner Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim brings a multidimensional take on contemporary art to his gallery in Chelsea. The art business may be a family affair, but Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim brings a modern perspective all his own to his HG Contemporary gallery.




Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim curates

Hg Contemporary announces curation at the Exclusive Jade Sixty

Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim Curates Special Art Collection For New Asian Steakhouse from restaurant mavericks Stratis Morfogen and Franco Moscato

HG Contemporary Gallery announced its art collaboration with JADE Sixty, a new Asian Steakhouse, developed by well-known restaurateurs, Stratis Morfogen and Franco Moscato. Executive Chef Skinny Mei, former chef at Jue Lan Club and Philippe, and Chef Albert Diaz, former chef at Zuma London and Miami, are overseeing the kitchen. The menu will offer American steakhouse, such as aged prime meats paired with many well-known Asian favorites.


Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim’s tightly curated art collection includes works from Basquiat, Ilan Adar, Maria Luis Hernandez, Maria Jang, John Lennon and Olga Tobreluts. “I cannot think of a more perfect pairing than breakthrough contemporary art from some of the world’s best artists and world-class Asian fusion in a steakhouse setting,” said Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim, Founder & Owner of HG Contemporary.

Art Gallery

A Guide To Building An Art Gallery with Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim

Most people have a tendency to use one side of their brain more than the other. The right side of the brain excels in the arts and the left side of the brain excels in math and science. Those excelling in math and science usually have better job prospects with a better salary than those excelling in the arts. Few actually make it as a musician, actor or artist. They are called “starving artists” for a reason. But what if you could get paid well for sharing your passion and knowledge with others? If you are passionate about art, you can turn that into a business through opening and running an art gallery.

Piece from Phenomenon by Natvar Bhavsar

Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim Presents Natvar Bhavsar, Phenomenon

Exhibition Opening Reception on view from November 30th, 2017 - January 30th, 2018


HG Contemporary Gallery is pleased to present the gallery’s second exhibition since 2014 for renowned abstract expressionist color field painter, Natvar Bhavsar. The retrospective entitled, “Phenomenon”, draws together 20 different works on paper and canvas created by the artist representing the culmination of a body of work that spans over four decades.

Piece from the Phenomenon Exhibition by Natvar Bhavsar at Hg Contemporary

“Phenomenon” Natvar Bhavsar Works on Paper & Canvas

HG Contemporary Gallery November 30th, 2017 - January 30th, 2018

HG Contemporary Gallery is pleased to present the gallery’s second exhibition since 2014 for renowned abstract expressionist color field painter, Natvar Bhavsar. The retrospective entitled, “Phenomenon”, draws together 20 different works on paper and canvas created by the artist representing the culmination of a body of work that spans over four decades.

Sculptor Fidan Bagirova

Marriott to Celebrate Premiere of New Documentary Series StoryBooked™


Marriott International – an Official Partner of Art Basel in Miami Beach – to premiere StoryBooked™ during the art show. Produced by Marriott International's award-winning Creative and Content Studio – the documentary series captures the purposeful journeys of four emerging artists venturing to Japan, Italy, Spain and Peru seeking the ultimate in creative inspiration. 

Art online

Today’s Technology: Disconnection from Life?


As the world became introduced to new technology, people were excited. They were told that it would save so much of their time that there would be more time for family, friends, and hobbies. Extensive research has proven that the opposite is true. We have become deceived about today’s technology. The truth is that computer and communication technology actually disconnects us from life.

Sculpture by artist Marc Gumpinger

Interview With Marc Gumpinger, Artist | Welcome To The Future


Marc Gumpinger is the Artist of the Moment who will transcend his craft well into the Future by connecting the emotionally charged dots of the human soul with a scientifically enhanced laser-cut alike art technique that is both hypnotizing and besotting. Current and relevant, his art is the entrancing result of mixing the oxymoronic elements of human existence by bridging two worlds: tradition and digital innovation on the brink of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. His art is thought-provoking, forcing us to surpass the limitations of our comfort zone, stimulating our imagination, inspiring us to see beyond the Unseen and tap into a territory where fantasies and dreams are perfectly aligned with the latest discoveries in technology.


Jean-Michael Baquiat, Hg Contemporary Release

HG Contemporary Releases Jean-Michel Basquiat Limited Edition Record

During the peak of Punk Rock in the early eighties, when questioning the status-quo and aggressive social commentaries were at the heart of artistic expression, the San Francisco based Punk/ska band The OFFS were working to build a career. The coverart for their First Record, illustrated by Jean Michel Basquiat originally intrigued their signing label and contributed to their brief success. The OFFS and Basquiat’s social commentaries were consistent -- a support for class struggle through political art.


In 2017, HG Contemporary exclusively releases framed front/back limited edition of The OFFS First Record, cover art by Jean-Michel Basquiat.

IT expert Marc Gumpinger at Hg Contemporary

IT expert Marc Gumpinger starts as an artist computer art

Zeit Online

A few years ago, Marc Gumpinger described himself as "CEO of Scoreloop and Senior Director at Research In Motions", prior to that he was an associate at venture capital firm Target Partners.   Today, the Munich-based developer of software, algorithms and server systems, is in a gallery in New York's Chelsea art district. On the walls hang dark, large-scale oil paintings of astronauts in space.

Art curator and gallerist Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim in front of Marc Gumpinger piece

Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim on the Rise

Air magazine Lviv - November 2017 Issue (Original Article in Russian)

Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim speaks about his inspiration, his upbringing and how he see challenges in and outside the artworld

Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim discusses the economy that affects art buyers

Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim - Art as an Investment Segment


Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim was featured in a live web-television segment with anchors Kristen Scholer and Alyssa Julya Smith. Philippe discussed art as an investment, specifically explaining how how fluctuations in economy affect art buyers, the kinds of artists he feel are currently most notable, how the digital-age affects the art sector, and more.

HG Contemporary gallerist Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim at Panel Discussion

Past, Present and Future of Art & Technology Panel at HG

moderated by Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim |

Artist Marc Gumpinger and Artsy CTO Daniel Doubrovkine, moderated by HG Contemporary gallerist Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim, discuss the past, present, and future of art and technology during the “Contemporary Art in a Technology Driven World” panel.

Marc Gumpinger’s Solo Exhibition "Space" at Hg Contemporary

HG Contemporary Announces 3D Software Visionary Marc Gumpinger's Solo Exhibition, "SPACE"



Breakthrough gallery, HG Contemporary, founded by Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim is building a reputation in introducing unique artists and developing gallery shows that embrace utterly original concepts and aesthetics announced Marc Gumpinger’s International Exhibition entitled, “SPACE.” Gumpinger's solo show with HG Contemporary follows on a long successful career as a technology entrepreneur and a PhD in Human Biology.

The Details Are in the Beauty

The Details Are in the Beauty

New York Times By Benjamin Genocchio

May 6, 2007

To a certain extent, the abstract style known as Color Field painting is a one-shot deal: what you see is what you get. Natvar Bhavsar, an Indian-born artist who has lived in New York since the 1960s, is trying to do something else with this fairly straightforward genre, as a stimulating retrospective of his work at the Jane Voorhees Zimmerli Art Museum in New Brunswick seeks to show.

Philippe Artus Hoerle-Guggenheim, owner of Hg Contemporary art gallery

Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim | The Portrait Of A Modern Treasure Hunter

The Hedonist Magazine


Philippe Artus Hoerle-Guggenheim. A name inarguably headed for a sophisticated future. Somehow intimidating until you have the chance to a conversation with this refined 36 years old French-German Global citizen who surprisingly unveils himself quite differently than perhaps expected. That ‘je ne sais quoi’ is perfectly in his place along with the British accent, and his immaculately tailored suits.

Fine Arts for Children



Most people would agree with the concept that a child’s family life has the most influence on his development. The school they attend comes in second to that, and most children attend public schools. Families have always looked to the public school system to provide their children with a well-rounded education. Reading, writing, arithmetic, and science are not the only subjects needed to shape a child. A fine arts curriculum is essential to the development of children and teenagers.

Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim runs a successful art gallery in New York City

Working Your Job / Pursuing Passion: Two Become One

How many people dread getting up early in the morning, think about their day, get their morning coffee and try not to dread going in to work? Unfortunately, most people spend the majority of their waking hours in this way. This dread drains their energy, which makes it more difficult to produce at work, which produces more dread. It is an endless and exhausting cycle. What if there was a way to end this cycle?

Painter Conor Mccreedy at Hg Contemporary art gallery

Conor Mccreedy at HG Contemporary, New York

Blouin Artinfo


HG Contemporary, New York is hosting an exhibition of the works of artist Conor Mccreedy, on view through July 20, 2017.


Represented by Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim in North America, the show brings forth the highly acclaimed recent work by painter Conor Mccreedy (b.1987, Johannesburg, South Africa), who is known for his abstract and conceptual work based on his own unique, one-of-a-kind pigment “Mccreedy-Blue.” Inspired from his budding years in Southern Africa which is blessed with a landscape filled with endless shades of blue of brilliant cobalt skies and the convergence of Indian and Atlantic oceans, Mccreedy creates richly textured monochromatic abstract splash and figurative paintings in an unique pigment of blue.

Artist Massimo Agostinelli Garbage Bin Statement at Art Basel

Massimo Agostinelli's Garbage Bin Statement

Art Basel 2017


Artist Massimo Agostinelli provoked Art Basel viewers into thinking a garbage bin was in fact a work of art on exhibit at the fair by simply writing on it in French with acrylic pen.


In Bottom of my Garden by Andy Warhol

A Rare Exhibition Coming to HG Contemporary Gallery

Written by Deniz Rosenberger


A new exhibition opening at Chelsea’s HG Contemporary Gallery last week. The main focus of the exhibition, which was curated by the gallery’s owner Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim, will lay on the Greek artist Philip Tsiaras. Visitors will encounter a wide array of the acclaimed artist’s paintings and sculptures from the 1980s to present-day, which includes politically charged works, such as “Primtivist”. Acting as a visual commentary on gun-control, the sculpture asks an important question. Can anyone—no matter how primitive—acquire the right to use a gun?

Laura Kimpton is represented by Hg Contemporary

Artist Laura Kimpton at HG Contemporary

TLmag 27 Extended by Amanda Kogle

Produced by a Brussels-based creative consultancy Pro Materia, TLmag_True Living of Art & Design is published in both French and English. It is a print and online magazine dedicated to capturing and contextualising the latest innovations in craft-led art, architecture, curation, collector culture, design, fashion, hospitality, luxury, and urbanism.

This was the magazine's feature on Laura Kimpton’s solo exhibition in HG Contemporary.


Zheyna Xia with Gallerist Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim

Zheyna Xia | Emerging Chinese Art Star

The Impression: Interview by George Wayne

The acrylic on canvas medium takes on a thoroughly new form here! That was my first, precise personal thought as I perused the exuberant work of Zhenya Xia at the prime Chelsea gallery – HG Contemporary (527 West 23rd Street) earlier this Spring. This is, indeed, art d’vivre – if there ever is such a definition. Such is the draw and the evoked emotion. Her grasp of color, and the subtle yet resonant depth of her layers, her shapes, her diagonals is all crisp, unorthodox and very much original. Without question, the artistic signature of this Zhejiang born Chinese artist will continue to gather the keen eye of the very smartest and most astute collectors of post-millennial contemporary art.

If Words Could Speak by Laura Kimpton at Hg Contemporary

Laura Kimpton Brings Burning Man to Chelsea

WWD By Kristen Tauer

May 11, 2017

The artist’s latest solo show, “If Words Could Speak,” recently opened at Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim’s gallery located in Manhattan’s Chelsea art district.

Laura Kimpton “If WORDS could SPEAK”

Laura Kimpton “If WORDS could SPEAK”

HG Contemporary presents a solo exhibition by multimedia artist Laura Kimpton. “If WORDS could SPEAK,” the title of the exhibition, considers the multivalent interpretations of words in text, speech, and sculpture, as they gain increasing importance through technology.

Piece from If Words Could Speak by Laura Kimpton

Behind the Exhibit: If WORDS could SPEAK


HG Contemporary will host artist Laura Kimpton’s solo exhibition from May 4 through May 26, 2017. The multimedia exhibition, called If WORDS could SPEAK, will focus on the importance of words within text, speech and sculpture.


Artist Zhenya Xia with Painting

Zhenya Xia Featured at Art New York

As Seen in The China Press Online

The China Press came by HG Contemporary's booth the first day of Art New York 2017 to see Zhenya Xia's collection of paintings and interview the artist. Her work was exclusively shown in the booth for the duration of the art fair.


Contemporary artist Tim Bengel unveils artwork

Tim Bengel Shares HG Contemporary Exhibition Trailer

"Do Things Different"


This fall, HG Contemporary will feature artist-sensation Tim Bengel’s first New York solo exhibition. Tim recently shared a video trailer for the New York show called “Do Things Different” which has received over 10 million social media views and thousands of shares internationally.


Painting by Zhenya Xia

Zhenya Xia, at HG Contemporary in New York, United States

23 Mar — 22 Apr 2017 | Wall Street Journal

Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim invites you to discover Zhenya Xia, a talented painter he discovered one year ago.

Art Dealer Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim

Art is in His DNA

The Spirit:


Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim bought his first piece of art, a Picasso sketch, at just 12 years old. A native of Germany, he grew up in a family of collectors and artists and was always very intrigued by the art world. Still, he never thought he could make a career out of collecting.

Art Gallery owner Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim


Resident Magazine


Popular culture has long revered The IT Girl. That particular intriguing, smart and beautiful gamine. The cool chick with style and substance and class and pedigree. Well, in this politically correct day and age, Simply put – the IT Boy is the masculine ideal that all men want to be, and the guy that all the women want to be with. We now seek to celebrate The IT Boy. Or in this case, this particular New York City man-about-town and the talk of Manhattan as we speak by the name of Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim.

This man walked away from a $600M Wall Street hedge fund to chase his dream

This man walked away from a $600M Wall Street hedge fund to chase his dream

Nelson Saiers is a ex-hedge fund manager who walked away from an extremely lucrative career in the banking industry to become a painter. "If I'm walking away from a hedge fund with my name on the door... I mean, I want to be an artist."



Detail of piece by McAlpine Miller




Q. In his first exhibition stateside, what do you feel McAlpine Miller has to offer the US art scene?
I think McAlpine Miller has a great deal to offer the US art scene. He is unique, the paintings are explosive, loud, yet at the time very refined; a symmetry between pop-art and fine art that is rarely seen. He brings a unique perspective to the art world. His work is complete and his style is very bold, both of which are refreshing for anyone viewing his art in the gallery. And last but not least, anything British is well received in the US and brings an underlining sense of sophistication with it.
Miami Heat Star Chris Bosh Celebrates Artist Laura Kimpton

Miami Heat Star Chris Bosh Celebrates Artist Laura Kimpton

At Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim's HG Contemporary Gallery |


Last night, Miami Heat star athlete, Chris Bosh, was among the many art fanatics that came out to celebrate POWERHOUSE'S 1st annual Herradura cocktail party featuring works by acclaimed artist, Laura Kimpton of Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim's HG Contemporary gallery.

Image from Rolling Stones Exhibition at Hg contemporary art gallery in Nyc

Rolling Stones Exhibition Curated by Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim


Ever dreamed of owning a piece of rock 'n' roll history? MICK, KEITH, CHARLIE & RONNIE: ART + OBJECTS, an exhibit opening on Nov. 3 at HG Contemporary Gallery in New York City, will feature rare memorabilia and art, created by or inspired by The Rolling Stones.

Image from Alison Jackson: Private at Hg Contemporary Art Gallery

Hoerle-Guggenheim, the ‘Perfect’ Donald Trump Lookalike Performance Art Piece



As Donald Trump continues to hit the campaign trail ahead of the November 8 presidential election, it’s natural to expect him to make public appearances. Don’t be fooled by the planned presidential-style motorcade in New York at 1 p.m. on October 25, however: British artist Alison Jackson has enlisted a Trump impersonator for a pointed performance art piece.

Image from a show of Rolling Stones Memorabilia at Hg Contemporary art gallery

Rolling Stones Memorabilia at Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim's Gallery

Wall Street Journal


The Rolling Stones are the centerpiece of a new exhibit at New York's HG Contemporary gallery. Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim, the gallery's director, shows several rare and personal items for sale for the first time, including band members' guitars as well as iconic paintings. Photo: HG Contemporary Gallery

An Interview With Williams Carmona

An Interview With Williams Carmona


What’s the significance of this new show?

Well, in my almost 30 years as a visual artist, this exhibition represents an iconographic roadmap of the forces that shape today’s world, while bringing to the surface a very personal moment of social rationalization derived from the experiences I have lived in and out of Cuba. These works ine ably highlight the crude and controversial e ects of globalization; they are replete with elements that are political, social, religious, and even, intimate, in nature. In order to shock the conscience of my spectators, while awaking their curiosity, I have also included my collectors from all over the world, so as to make their presence inescapable throughout the show.

Vernissage "More Was Lost in Cuba"

Vernissage "More Was Lost in Cuba"

Precious7 by Anna Maria Sandegren


When HG Contemporary’s inaugural show is a solo exhibit of acclaimed street artist RETNA’s work, you know it’s a gallery with a distinct point of view. That guiding direction comes mainly from the Chelsea gallery’s director, Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim, who has been visiting museums since he was three years old, getting carted around the Louvre with his art-obsessed mother and internalizing her penchant for the arts.


Hoerle-Guggenheim opened HG Contemporary in 2014 with the aforementioned RETNA exhibition to incredible acclaim. Since then, he has brought together an eclectic and thoughtful group of artists for a roster of group and solo exhibitions, often with a bold, playful pop culture bent that belies his genuine love for art.

Williams Carmona: un artista entre mares

Williams Carmona: un artista entre mares

ELNUEVODIA by Por Mariela Fullana Acosta

Domingo, 29 de Noviembre de 2015

En el estudio del artista cubano Williams Carmona sus obras de arte comparten la misma importancia que las fotografías de sus familiares y amigos, que están colocadas en las paredes. 


Hay imágenes del pintor con su hija Lola, de un año y medio, otras de familiares cercanos, de amigos y también hay varias en las que aparece con figuras artísticas, como Alejandro Sanz y Ricardo Arjona.

Williams Carmona resume 30 años de trabajo artístico en Nueva York

Williams Carmona resume 30 años de trabajo artístico en Nueva York


11 de Junio de 2016

La HG Contemporary Gallery de Nueva York inaugurará el 16 de junio la exposición Más se perdió en Cuba del artista cubano Williams Carmona.


El autor presentará una selección de piezas que incluyen escultura, pintura, dibujo e instalaciones, según informa la galería. Es la primera exposición en solitario del creador en esta galería.

Former Hedge Fund Manager Turns Financial Issues Into Art

Former Hedge Fund Manager Turns Financial Issues Into Art

Marketplace by Mark Garrison

June 06, 2016

In New York’s Chelsea neighborhood, a growing crowd watches a mirror image of a common street scene. There’s a tow truck and a car, but instead of removing it from an illegal parking space, the truck is lowering it into place, on the sidewalk in front of HG Contemporary Gallery. It’s a late-model VW Beetle in black, but it’s a little hard to tell, because it’s barely recognizable under all the multicolored graffiti, the work of Nelson Saiers.

Domenico Vacca's 10-Storey Boutique, Replete with Art Gallery

Domenico Vacca's 10-Storey Boutique, Replete with Art Gallery

Bluin Art Info by Michelle Tay

May 4th, 2016

Celebrity fashion designer Domenico Vacca has opened a 10-storey retail destination just off Fifth Avenue that comprises a boutique for men’s and women’s fashion, an Italian espresso bar and cafe, a barber shop, a beauty salon, a private members-only club, and 30 serviced apartments. Boasting neighbors such as Cartier, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, The Plaza and of course the Museum of Modern Art, the flagship for Vacca, who famously dresses the actor Jeremy Piven in “Entourage,” opened on May 3 — a significant upgrade from his first New York boutique, which opened up the street, next to Cipriani, 13 years ago.


The luxurious oasis of brown leather sofas even acts as an art gallery with rotating exhibitions, curated by Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim, who runs the HG Contemporary gallery in Chelsea.

Nyack Embraces The Building's Industrial And Musical Past

Nyack Embraces The Building's Industrial And Musical Past

PRWeb by Kaity Roberts

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

All of the art in The Time Nyack is curated by the HG Contemporary, founded by Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim and specializing in bold, process-oriented work by emerging and established artists. The artists featured specifically at The Time Nyack include Alexander Yulish, Raphael Mazzucco, Nelson Saiers, Russell Young, Maximilian Wiedemann, and Pixelpancho.

The Beethoven of Mathematics

The Beethoven of Mathematics

Huffington Post - The Blog

Along with death and taxes, another certainty in life is math. In light of this, I hope to bring new meaning to April 15 as the birthday of Leonhard Euler. Born in 1707 to a pastor and pastor’s daughter in Basel, Switzerland, he was a devout Christian throughout his life, but chose the abacus over the cloth as a profession. This career would produce three of the top 5 most important equations ever, including arguably the most beautiful (according to a 1988 Mathematical Intelligencer poll), leading many to believe him to be the greatest mathematician ever. It is even more remarkable that he was able to accomplish this with impaired vision for most of his life. He began going blind in his 30’s, becoming completely blind in his 50’s. He actually became even more prolific after his blindness, earning comparisons to Beethoven whose deafness did not slow him.


As an artist, I draw my inspiration from many sources, from the Ethiopian Civil War to the crossing of the Rubicon, from Cezanne to Shakespeare, but given my background in mathematics, I regularly find myself exploring the lenses and tools that mathematics affords us. As one of mathematics’ greatest innovators, Euler is one of these inspirations for me.

The Warhol of Wall Street

The Warhol of Wall Street

Observer Culture by Guelda Voien

Anyone familiar with the art world knows that there exists a complex, incestuous relationship between fine art and finance. Both deal in valuing things that can be hard to objectively appraise, and both can be confoundingly volatile. Plus, finance men, with their insatiable appetites for wealth and status, are flocking to art galleries and auctions these days.


Nelson Saiers further unites the two: The former derivatives trader and hedge fund manager gave up his lucrative career to become an artist last year. He now paints—wait for it—financial crises.


Two weeks ago his show of 20 paintings opened at HG Contemporary in Chelsea. The exhibition, suggestively titled “Inside Wall Street,” has a three-fold mission. The works look at the inside of his algorithm (the intellectual property that built his hedge fund into a very successful one), the inside of his fund, which he wound down recently to focus exclusively on art, and inside Wall Street itself.

Former Hedge Fund Manager Nelson Saiers Puts His Trading Algorithm on Display

Former Hedge Fund Manager Nelson Saiers Puts His Trading Algorithm on Display

George Tsiatis for Yahoo Finance

INSIDE WALL STREET Offers a Glimpse into the 2008 Crisis through the Lens of the Math and Algorithms That Run Wall Street


NEW YORK, April 15, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Nelson Saiers—artist, math Ph.D., and former hedge fund manager—walked away from Wall Street roughly a year ago.  His art exhibition at HG Contemporary Gallery, 527 W 23rd Street in New York City, uses parts of his actual hedge fund trading algorithm to comment on the Financial Crisis of 2008, Madoff, and other large-scale financial motivators and events.



Hedge Funder’s Merger of Aesthetics, Math

Hedge Funder’s Merger of Aesthetics, Math


Nelson Saiers made his name as a star Wall Street quant. Now his paintings and sculpture targets the chaos of financial markets


Art and mathematics may seem worlds apart, but to study forms, lines, and shapes is also an education in balance, precision, and geometry.


Harmony between the aesthetic and the abacus goes on display this week in New York at a show of former hedge fund manager Nelson Saiers’ art. Saiers left his perch in 2014 as a star quant to dedicate time to math-based art, and his show targets the chaos inherent in financial markets. Lessons gleaned from trading are ubiquitous themes in his paintings and sculpture. At times, he converts his money-making equations into splashes of Braille, inserting brooding commentaries straight onto canvas. In one painting, he deploys his trading algorithms to conjecture what might have happened to the CBOE Volatility Index—the so-called fear gauge—after the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria in 1914.


Adapting Novel ‘Only Ever Yours’ For Film, TV

Adapting Novel ‘Only Ever Yours’ For Film, TV

Variety Magazine by Cynthia Littleton

Killer Content has acquired the film and TV rights to Louise O’Neill’s novel “Only Ever Yours” with plans to develop the property as a film and TV series.


O’Neill’s debut novel was a YA hit in the U.K., where it was published last year. “Only Ever Yours,” released in the U.S. in May, is a dystopian story of a finishing school for girls where technology is used to enforce extreme standards of beauty and conformity.


Killer Content was formed last year through the merger of Christine Vachon and Pamela Koffler’s Killer Films with Glass Elevator Media, a content incubator launched by Adrienne Becker.


“Only Ever Yours” is designed to be a bigger-budget film than Killer has fielded in the past. The indie stalwart’s latest pic, Todd Haynes’ “Carol,” has been generating awards buzz. It’s set for release Nov. 20.


Killer Content is working with the newly launched nonprofit Two Brass Brads to finance “Only Ever Yours.” Two Brass Brads is described as non-profit organization that creates “socially relevant” content that will be released in tandem with activist campaigns and educational efforts.


Among the org’s supporters is Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim, whose Hoerle-Guggenheim art gallery is hosting a book party for O’Neill in New York on Wednesday.


Art Talks with Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim and Aston Martin

Art Talks with Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim and Aston Martin

Haute Living by Hadley Henriette

Haute Living hosted combined two popular Art Basel concepts – the talk and the dinner to great effect on Tuesday night at Tamarina Miami in Brickell. Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim lead a discussion about the intersection of art and luxury brands, a perfect subject considering that Miami Art Week has evolved into the ultimate branding opportunity for the world’s luxury houses.

Elizabeth Hurley at The Royals premiere in NYC

Elizabeth Hurley at The Royals premiere in NYC

Daily Mail


It's the sort of outfit which would cause a scandal if Her Majesty wore it. Elizabeth Hurley - who plays a fictional Queen in E!'s spoof series The Royals - stepped out on Monday in a see-through lace top at the premiere of the second season in NYC. The 50-year-old model and actress defied her age in the black sheer top which showed off her fabulously fit figure. 

Elizabeth Hurley Shows Off Her Body in a See-Through Lace and Leather Getup

Elizabeth Hurley Shows Off Her Body in a See-Through Lace and Leather Getup

US Weekly by Rose Walano


A true queen, on TV and IRL! Elizabeth Hurleystepped out to celebrate the second season premiere of The Royals on Monday, Nov. 9, at the Hoerle-Guggenheim Gallery in NYC, wearing a completely sheer, lace top that showcased her incredible body.



Massimo Agostinelli's Clever Word Play at HG Contemporary

Massimo Agostinelli's Clever Word Play at HG Contemporary

Whitewall Magazine by Katy Donoghue

London-based artist Massimo Agostinelli's new show of work "Anagrams" is currently on view at Hoerle-Guggenheim gallery in New York (open through November 11). The Show includes works done with lenticular printing, so that names and phrases overlaid on imagery of pop culture icons transform as a viewer moves around them.

Maxwell Hosts Massimo Agostinelli’s ‘Anagrams’ at Hoerle-Guggenheim

Maxwell Hosts Massimo Agostinelli’s ‘Anagrams’ at Hoerle-Guggenheim

Observer by Jina Hu

As is NYC nightlife tradition, a venue signals that Something is inside via a velvet rope and careful assistants clutching the guest list in front of it. Last night, Hoerle-Guggenheim Gallery in Chelsea upped the expectations. Gallery director, Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim, opened Massimo Agostinelli’s “Anagrams” exhibit with a shiny red Aston Martin DB9 outside and a celebrity host, R&B singerMaxwell, who was playfully dressed in a red Paul Smith suit. Mr. Hoerle-Guggenheim—decked out in black with a manly modern-James-Bond presence—collaborated with his social but private friend, Maxwell, after the gifted Now musician glimpsed and loved Agostinelli’s “Now I Won” piece from his “Palindromes” exhibit in London this past May. (“Lonely Tylenol” on 15 5 15 for the Brit wits.)

Massimo Agostinelli Unveils Dual Meanings of Phrases

Massimo Agostinelli Unveils Dual Meanings of Phrases

Widewalls by Amy Lin

At one time or another, we all played with anagrams, and had fun while rearranging the letters of a word or a phrase to produce a new one. This type of wordplay we all know and love, has inspired artist Massimo Agostinelli to create a series of works focusing on the enigmatic meaning of expressions associated with famous people and iconic objects. These works will be presented at Anagrams exhibition, that will be on view at Hoerle-Guggenheim's Gallery in New York. For the upcoming show, the artist merges changeable phrases and classical and pop culture imagery by employing a unique art technique of lenticular printing.

The Making of Today's Breakout Artists

The Making of Today's Breakout Artists

Venu Magazine by Cindy Clarke

Fall 2014

Venu Magazine and Fleet Magazine Host Sunset Soiree

Venu Magazine and Fleet Magazine Host Sunset Soiree

VIP Party Showcased Pop-Up Art Exhibit by Raphael Mazzuco

Winter 2014

Rolling Stones Exhibition Attracts Massive Lines

Rolling Stones Exhibition Attracts Massive Lines

artnet by Cait Munro

July 16, 2015

An exhibition of Rolling Stones-inspired artwork and memorabilia put on by the Hoerle-Guggenheim Gallery at the new Edition Hotel in New York on Tuesday night received over 1,000 RSVPs.


The party was thrown in honor of the seminal rock outfit's 50th birthday, a fact that's enough to make pretty much anyone feel ancient.


Like most high-profile events that reach capacity early, the scene at the door quickly devolved into bedlam. "A lot of them were turned away or forced to wait without ever getting in," an anonymous source told Page Six, which had the story. "It was a madhouse."

Hoerle-Guggenheim Celebrates 50 Years at Edition

Hoerle-Guggenheim Celebrates 50 Years at Edition

Guest of a Guest by Gautam Balasundar

July 16, 2015

After serving over half a century as the best band in the world, the Rolling Stones are still the source of inspiration and entertainment for several generations. Last night that came in the form of a new art show presented by Hoerle-Guggenheim and WhitewallMagazine, in which the venerated band was again immortalized through a collection of paintings, hand-written lyrics, and even guitars that have lived more than most people.

The collection, which included pieces by Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood, was spread out over the third floor of the ever-buzzing EDITION hotel, but it was still a challenge to get a good look at the work with so many guests filling up the large space. A long line formed outside the hotel, with people eager to get a peek at the show, but also to rub shoulders with the stylish guests including Mr. Brainwash, Harif Guzman, and the EDITION's very dapper Ben Pundole.

Rolling Stones Exhibition a 'Madhouse'

Rolling Stones Exhibition a 'Madhouse'

Page Six by Carlos Greer

July 15, 2015

Over 1,000 people RSVP’d for an exhibition celebrating 50 years of the Rolling Stones on Tuesday.

“A lot of them were turned away or forced to wait without ever getting in. It was a madhouse,” said a spy of the ­Hoerle-Guggenheim Gallery show at the Edition hotel.

Artist Jumping Bull created a Stones tongue installation of Coke cans. A collector bought a Ronnie Wood guitar for $10,000, and a “tech CEO” offered $80,000 for one of the band’s Grammys.

Also there were Mr. Brainwash, Harif Guzman and Scott Lipps.

Ronnie Wood’s art is exhibited at Hoerle-Guggenheim Gallery

Ronnie Wood’s art is exhibited at Hoerle-Guggenheim Gallery


July 11, 2015

Some of these may be painted black. Works by artists including Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood will highlight the New York Edition and Hoerle-Guggenheim Gallery’s “Celebrating Over 50 Years of History” exhibit featuring art that was inspired by the Rolling Stones. The exhibit will be featured at the New York Edition on Madison Ave., Tuesday night. Other artists on display include Geronimo aka Jumping Bull, Ian Wright and Russell Young.

Mosaic Artist Jason Dussault and Telus Join Forces

Mosaic Artist Jason Dussault and Telus Join Forces

Create Massive Mural for Vancouver | The Georgia Straight by Charlie Smith

May 30, 2015

This weekend, Jason Dussault is overseeing what will likely become one of the most memorable public-art projects in the city's history.

The celebrated mosaic artist and 500 volunteers from Telus were at David Lam Park creating a 12-metre by four-metre mural. It will feature a character he has named Barker the Evergreen standing in front of letters spelling out the word Vancouver.

"Most artists have to sneak out in the middle of the night to get their art on walls and streets," Dussault told the Straight. "I'm very fortunate that I don't have to risk arrest by trying to get my art up on the walls. I want to thank the city and Telus for doing this because it's something they don't have to do."

Mr. Brainwash, Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim Transform Edition Hotel

Mr. Brainwash, Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim Transform Edition Hotel

Cait Munro for Artnet

May 22, 2015

Mr. Brainwash (aka Thierry Guetta) is many things: a street artist, a filmmaker, and a real estate investor. He's been rumored to be Banksy, or alternatively, an invention of the famously anonymous street artist, after starring in the 2008 film, Exit from the Gift Shop.

Despite, or because of, these rumors, Mr. Brainwash continues his work as a street artist, taking on projects in cities around the world. New York seems to be a special place for the French expat, who currently lives in Los Angeles, but just bought a space under the High Line. He recently teamed up with Hoerle-Guggenheim Gallery (see artnet Asks: Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim, Gallery Director) to unleash his creativity on the interior of the newly launched New York Edition Hotel. The only problem? He has a mere three hours to get the job done, and isn't sure yet what to do, exactly. We sat down with Mr. Brainwash to discuss the project, his celebrity fascination, and of course, Banksy.



Artfix Daily

May 18, 2015

Luxury real estate firm, RLTY NYC celebrated the grand opening of its SoHo office at 518 Broadway on Monday, May 11th with an unprecedented collection of artwork curated by Hoerle-Guggenheim Gallery. The company also disclosed its partnership with the gallery to provide fine art advisory services to its premier clientele.


“We are honored to expand RLTY NYC’s presence into SoHo,” stated Mr. Benalloul. “We believe that the aesthetic of our new office space will foster camaraderie between our local art and real estate communities, and we look forward to the continued evolution between our two fields.”

artnet: Nelson Saiers, Artist-Mathematician

artnet: Nelson Saiers, Artist-Mathematician

Daria Daniel for Artnet

Whoever said art and algorithms are mutually exclusive? Almost a year ago, Nelson Saiers left his hedge fund, Saiers Capital, and turned his attention to a seemingly more creative venture: the full-time pursuit of art.

Saiers, who received his Ph.D. in mathematics at the ripe age of 23, pursued a successful career at Deutsche Bank before becoming chief investment officer of his own financial firm. Now, the self-anointed “mathematical artist" has harmoniously transitioned fromalgebraic topology to painting.



The NY Times by Gary Antonick



“The Original Art Basel” by Nelson Saiers.


"I was like a boy playing on the sea-shore, and diverting myself now and then finding a smoother pebble or a prettier shell than ordinary, whilst the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me." - Sir Isaac Newton


In anticipation of a very special π (Pi) Day, artist and mathematician, Nelson Saiers, has prepared dual pop-up exhibitions focused on this ubiquitous number. The doors for both will open Saturday, March 14, 2015, or 3.14.15, at 9:26 AM (that is, 3.1415926, or the first eight digits of π) at the Hoerle-Guggenheim Gallery, 527 West 23rd Street in Chelsea to celebrate this unique occurrence in the modern calendar. This exhibition will include an exclusive preview of Saiers' latest work.


Saiers uses some of the most profound Pi-related equations and theories, combined with social commentary, history, and literature, to create visually-stimulating and thought-provoking works of art. Inspired by Newton’s childlike view of himself, Saiers recalled his earliest discovery of math and created much of this collection with crayon and construction paper. The abstract forms share the beauty of mathematical simplicity, but also take the viewer on a journey to explore the famously irrational number that defines circles and is fundamental to statistics, fractals, thermodynamics, mechanics, and electromagnetism. 

Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim, Gallery Director

Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim, Gallery Director

artnet by Daria Daniel

January 30, 2015

Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim, the director of Chelsea gallery Hoerle-Guggenheim, has acquired an impressive array of important modern and contemporary artists for a gallery as young as his—it opened its doors on West 23rd Street for the very first time early this Fall. The gallery's most recent acquisitions include seminal works by artists RETNA. Also of note in the collection are the rich color-laden canvases of Natvar Bhavsar as well as a few choice works by Warhol, John Lennon, and Dalí.

Chinese New Year Event hosted by Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim

Chinese New Year Event hosted by Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim

artnet by Daria Daniel

The Hoerle-Guggenheim Gallery marked its opening in style with a beautifully curated Chinese New Year celebration. The festivities included a traditional dragon dance set against the backdrop of expansive RETNA canvases, and a dinner with fortune cookies.


Gallery director Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim and NY Projects president Yung Hee Kim greeted guests to this Chinese carnival, which was stylized by New York fashion icon Di Mondo.