Young Americans Tour at Hg Contemporary

Young Americans Tour

Young Americans Tour by Jan Larsen


Featuring a show of colourful, cool, catchy Neo-Pop, American pop-sensation Jan Larsen captures the contemporary American experience in all its grit-and-glory.

The Harvard- and Oxford-educated artist makes his Asia debut with his “Young Americans Tour” at Singapore’s UltraSuperNew Gallery on 109 Rowell Road. Co-presented by HG Contemporary, the exhibition will run from 28th June to 16th July, with an opening reception on Thursday, 28th June at 7pm.

During the exhibition period, a special US Independence Day BBQ on Wednesday the 4th of July will welcome families, collectors, Americans expats, and art lovers alike to enjoy a traditional American BBQ and to reflect on the freedom, fun and entrepreneurial spirit of the USA.

The artist’s three-year meditative and expressive journey through the American experience has led him to describe, record, and reflect on what it feels like to be an American in 2018, at home and abroad. This is expressed by his Jasper Johns-esque oil-on-linen American flag, his Rothko-esque ‘pixelated fabric’ digital colourfield works, his interactive sculpture ‘Speaking Terms’, his carefully-chosen “word-work” koans, and his light-hearted media-referential work. Larsen’s bright, bold colours are both meditative and expressive of the exuberant energy that is the “American way.”

Venue: UltraSuperNew, 109 Rowell Rd, Singapore

When: 28 Jun - 16 Jul 2018, 11am - 7pm, Mon - Fri

By: UltraSuperNew