Artist Zhenya Xia with Painting


The New York Times special Galleries issue published on April 28th included a full-page advertisement of HG Contemporary Gallery’s solo exhibition and Art New York feature of Chinese artist Zhenya Xia.



Ms. Xia was born in China and studied Finance in France before embracing her artistic calling. The owner of HG Contemporary found her work by accident a year ago before deciding to exclusively represent her work. Xia’s month-long solo exhibition finished at the beginning of May with her exclusive booth at Art New York for HG Contemporary. The partnership will continue with more art fairs and events over the next couple years.




Mr. Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim, the owner of the gallery, notes that he met Zhenya Xia two years ago, and was fascinated by her painting’s distinct style and beautiful structure.



The gallery held Zhenya’s solo exhibition this year, and brings her artworks to 2017 Art New York. The gallery will collaborate with Zhenya Xia to promote her artworks in the future.