Image of Chains and Copper Panels by Franz Klainsek at the Chelsea art gallery of Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim, Curator

What are you most excited about in regards to this new exhibition?
The absolute rawness and power of the work. The exhibition Chains by Franz Klainsek has an intensity and creative diversity that is subtle yet striking. I find the installation of the chains incredibly interesting and it adds an element that the audience can interact with. 


How did you discover Franz? What do you find interesting about his work?
I have followed Franz’s career for some time and saw it evolve and grow various ways that made me comprehend the intent behind his work. He thinks about each work as an oeuvre and expresses his findings and understandings in life translated in paintings and the process of his work. I find the emotional heightened intent in his work revealing and throughout interesting.


What do you look for in artists? What kind of art engages you?
I’m intrigued by a genuine and emotionally rich process that is expressed in boundary pushing ways. I like to exhibit work that is unlike anything shown before. 


Was there a particular artist that influenced you growing up?
I have always had an admiration for Gustav Klimt’s work. Layers, colors, detail. Paintings I am drawn to. Then old masters have been exciting for me. The mastery and dedication Michelangelo painted the Sistine chapels with left an irrevocable mark on me.


How has HG Contemporary evolved since its initial opening?
Besides the expansion of new locations in both Europe and the US, we are constantly creating new and innovative ways to give our clients and visitors the absolute best experience you can have in an art gallery. Our roster of artists has grown and expanded. We are focused to curate shows that leave a memory with the audience before the works find their way to the collections.


How does the art market in the United States differ than the one in Europe?
Some markets are more dynamic than others and the US market is definitely that. Europe is an exciting market with much history in art and with much anticipated growth. 


What’s next for you? Will you be doing anything in the Hamptons?
A new location opening for HG Contemporary, definitely more ways to serve both our collectors and artists better and profoundly including a Blockchain I’ve developed. In the Hamptons, we have a fantastic exhibition planned of Zurab Tsereteli’s works on June 22nd combined with the book launch by Frederico Azevedo called Bloom. He’s the extraordinary landscape designer behind Unlimited Earth Care in Bridgehampton.