Sculptor Fidan Bagirova

BETHESDA, Md., Nov. 16, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Marriott International – an Official Partner of Art Basel in Miami Beach – to premiere StoryBooked™ during the art show. Produced by Marriott International's award-winning Creative and Content Studio – the documentary series captures the purposeful journeys of four emerging artists venturing to Japan, Italy, Spain and Peru seeking the ultimate in creative inspiration. During the evening festivities on the hotel's WET deck, the artists will unveil their travel-inspired artwork for the first time publically and watch the premiere episode of StoryBooked. Art enthusiasts, members of Marriott International's loyalty programs and other invited guests will revel in watching the artists' stories unfold in pursuit of their passions. In the coming months, the company plans to display the four pieces of art at various locations including hotel lobbies in the destinations where the artists sought and found their inspiration.


Marriott International reveals Virgil Abloh will join the exclusive celebration on Friday evening, December 8 at W South Beach. Immediately following the unveiling of the artists' works and the premiere of StoryBooked, Abloh will ascend into DJ booth dipping into his vast musical repertoire as he orchestrates an evening of pulsating beats.


Each artist featured in the documentary series is a member of one of the company's loyalty programs – Marriott Rewards, which includes The Ritz-Carlton Rewards, and Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG). StoryBooked captures how the loyalty programs provide members with an unmatched collection of experiences that complement their travels and deliver frictionless offerings they, like the artists featured, will find personally fulfilling.


"Travel is the universal language for our loyalty members seeking deeply meaningful and transformative experiences," said Karin Timpone, Global Marketing Officer, Marriott International. "StoryBooked  brings to life the story of four artists empowered by travel to fulfill their passion for art – and there is no better place to debut this during Art Basel."


Artists Showcased in StoryBooked™

- Born in Germany, raised in Spain and now living in California, Andrew Myers is best known for his artwork primarily using screws to create portraits. He began his career as a sculptor but quickly realized he could never compare to his muse the great Italian sculptor Bernini, so he created his own approach to art. Andrew is traveling to Romewhere the artists who inspired his career – Michelangelo and Bernini – resided, while he stays at the Le Meridien Visconti Rome.
- Cuban-born, paper sculptor Felix Semper is traveling back to Spain where he lived with his parents for four years as a child. Later in his teens while living in Miami, Felix shared a room with his grandfather who told stories about his village in Spain's Basque region where he grew up. His grandfather spoke about the lush and beautiful green landscape and it has been Felix's dream to visit this village and meet his family still living there. Best known for his stretchable paper sculptures, he transforms the media – glued paper – to elongate and retract creating fluidity and mobility. During his travels, Felix will stay at the W Barcelona Hotel and Hotel Maria Cristina San Sebastian.
- Paula Wilson found art making, particularly printmaking, to be in sync with her dyslexic brain's processes. She layers paint and diverse media to produce multifaceted works drawing inspiration from real and invented cultural histories. She is traveling to Peru, where she will stay at the JW Marriott El Convento Cusco, to absorb the region's rich ancient traditions reflected in the colors, textures, and weavings of Peru. Much like her art, Peru is a place where the ancient meets the contemporary, where landscapes shift perspectives, and where the everyday becomes artistic expression.
- Metal flora sculptor Fidan Bagirova speaks six languages and procures inspiration from nature, cultural history, and geographically inclined traditions that populate a multicultural world. She is traveling to Japan where floral symbolism plays an important part in the country's heritage, life and art. Japanese history and culture is rife with floral art examples such as Ikebana, originating in 7th century Japan. The very concept of Ikebana has driven and motivated Fidan since first being introduced to Japanese floral arrangements in the early 1990's. Fidan will be staying at The Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo and believes her art connects and unites people across all cultures because the flower symbolizes universalism.

StoryBooked is produced by Marriott International's Creative and Content Studio in partnership with NBTV Studios.