Pop Culture meets Fine Art at Hg Contemporary

Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim grew surrounded by art. “My love for art was passed on to me by my grandmother and my mother. Both avid collectors, they instilled in me great admiration for the old masters and the new. From Klimt to Dubuf-
fet. Our house in Bonn, Germany, was always open to artists. There were visits to painters’ studios, trips to museums and constant art talk at the dinner table. I didn’t develop a formal education in art, I developed an instinct and a passion for it at a very young age.” And though he ended up pursuing a career in finance originally, “I kept very close ties with the art community, hosting private events in the US and Europe.” And as the art world shifted and became more diverse and dynamic, he felt the pull to immerse himself in it full time. “I found myself wanting to follow my own aesthetic compass and explore the incredible potential for renewal and audacity offered by new social interactions, digital technology and pop culture.” And so he launched his own gallery, HG Contemporary in 2014. Pursuing some of the most provocative and raw talents of the day.