Artist's Statement

With “Subconscious Narratives” I depict a thought before it becomes a word, concept, story or tangible form. These studies are not isolated to one brief instant but instead capture the turmoil of forms transitioning in the mind from moment to moment.


By getting in tune with my minds eye I have noticed that the periphery of each thought has edges fading into others. My imagination hovers in a space devoid of temporal constraints or physical permanence. This is the conceptual DNA of “Subconscious Narratives” -- an exploration of the cloudy impressions leading up to and receding from a fabricated instance. While the center of the pieces may be a conceptual focus, the edges form building blocks for dreams not yet depicted. The subconscious narrative barely holds onto the present while the past and future drive into being. Its beginning is another’s middle and end.


Having spent the last several years immersed in conceptual realism, I have let go of the planning involved in that technique. Now the paintbrush and mind play together in a harmony of improvisation. My spinal chord drips directly onto the canvas, allowing my subconscious to reveal itself through the physical application of paint onto canvas. The narrative dictates what it wants to become rather than me mapping out every aspect of its development. The blueprint only reveals itself in hindsight.


For me, this is the closest representation of how my subconscious operates. The reason I chose to depict it with paint is because this form is a tangible reality others can interpret. It is a rosetta stone for our minds. While there may seem to be a story or a narrative taking place in a piece, the audience is invited to make synaptic leaps in his or her own subconscious to interpret the story for his or herself.


David Welker is a NYC based contemporary visual artist known for his elaborate rock posters,  murals and paintings,  ranging from fantasy landscapes to urban realism.


His work over the last two decades has built a devout following from private collectors and celebrities to indie and pop-rock musical acts.


Welker's illustration style mixes depression era surrealism with a contemporary take on underground comix,  and his hand rendered lettering is an uncanny blend of 19th Century sign typography mixed with equal amounts of modern graffiti.


His career has followed a path of experimentation and genre jumping taking him from the top of the landscape mural scene to the top of the concert poster scene in just a few years.


Welker is now setting his sights on the gallery world as he continues to express all of his varied influences in a unified visual aesthetic which combines his deep appreciation of early 20th Century surrealism with his love of pervasive pop culture.