Artist's Statement

It is the exchange from simple to complex themes interpreted on a level that all can relate to. This back and forth navigation of vibration and frequency has great influence on my painting style as I calculate everything I do in my work through the feeling and navigation of energy. I live for this. 

What brings me back to my warrior spirit is the reminder of my personal power to create. I can transform and raise all energies into the highest frequency. As all who live in the matrix, I am often being pulled towards lower vibrations but I constantly invite myself to lift my personal vibration and shift my viewpoint of what is occurring on the screen of this dimension. I have urgency behind these shifts because I believe that every time I make a personal shift, every time I heal or uplift some aspect within myself, I am adding a shift to the healing energy of the collective. I am as everybody else an important aspect in the collective consciousness. I must stay committed. 

Once you deprogram yourself, the root of everything is love. The fears inflicted by our society is what prevents us from connecting with the collective consciousness. Only when one breaks free from these illusionary boundaries can they truly be present with the root of it all — love. 

When I paint I focus on staying connected and deeply grounded in my heart space. This way I can flow with my deepest truth onto and within the piece. I always find myself being connected with everything. 

It does not serve us to continue playing at a low vibration and frequency. We are destroying ourselves, the planet, and each other. We all must raise our vibration and frequency. We are transformers of our reality, we have the tools to tap into energetic alchemy. The shift and the transmutation of energy from patterns of dysfunction to patterns of empowerment and grace is a process I am committed to for the rest of my days. 

Once you operate from the frequency of the heart, the matrix loses its influence. 



Franz Klainsek’s influences are profound while his questions remain primal and instinctive.

What are we?

Who are we?

Why are we here?

Franz deconstructs the complex web of human experiences in the hologram that is Earth with a finesse inspired by his understanding of frequency and vibration.

He elucidates the amorphous realms in art through the utilization of shapes, patterns and color that humans relate to on a surface level.

The work is the interpretation of the broader collective to which we are all connected.

Primarily based of oil and ink media, the abstract works create a contrast through his use of freely applied strokes and controlled fine lines of patterns and intricate movements of pointillism.

It is the contrast of free strokes and detail, the conscious and the subconscious, the feeling and the observation that create the dance between the two processes, bringing the paintings to life.

Expressed through transcendental creations of scientifically expressionistic pieces, the work is a personal and direct interpretation of Klainsek’s studies of the subconscious mind, life experiences to date, and the strong desire to journey on into further understanding Truth.

Klainsek addresses the societal programming and its systematic effect on the human mind.

Each work, powerful in its individuality, exudes raw emotion as Klainsek pushes his boundaries as he navigates the work on canvas through the emotional and observational states.

Not only through his work on canvas, but also through the encrypted messages within each piece, Klainsek creates an experience.
He seeks to foster an inward eye through the lens of one's own individuality that can only be found by facing the truth that lies within each of us.