Franz Klainsek is a self-taught American artist of Cuban and Austrian descent. His work is physical and emotional - it resides in the space between body and mind, feeling and thought. Franz Klainsek addresses societal programming and its systematic effect on the human mind. 

Large scale sculptures and installations often include references to man’s struggle to find Truth within a "programmed" society. 
His endurance art pieces bring awareness to societal issues that "cause suffering or keep us from being free." Klainsek uses art as a vehicle to express his Truth, seeing the work as an eye opener, "an awakening", to what is overseen, rejected, or “numbed.” The work is a raw and direct interpretation of Franz Klainsek’s studies of the subconscious mind and life experiences to date. 
Klainsek’s influences are profound while his questions remain primal and instinctive. What are we? Who are we and why are we here? 
A man who carves his own path. Franz is undeterred and sincere.

Franz Klainsek's work was recently presented by MANA Contemporary. His installation/performance “Presence” was featured as the “Must See” Exhibit of Art Basel Miami 2018, with interviews on CNN en Español and the front page of The Miami Herald.