Artist's Statement

Starting on a new piece is super exciting for me. Although I may have a preconceived notion of creating something unique and exciting that will intrigue myself and the viewer, ultimately the process creates its own flow, and encapsulates, solidifies or impregnates itself into the medium whether it’s painting or sculpture. As I transfer the energy from my subconscious into the physical world – regardless of the medium – the form and structure manifests itself through each and every move until I believe a balance has been reached. Nobody truly perceives abstract art the same way; it’s what their subconscious projects. This is why art moves people in such a fascinating way. Whether they are seeing my work for the first time, or whether it’s a piece they have viewed several times, it’s entirely up to them. Like love, it can happen at first sight or develop over time.


Contemporary abstract artist Peter Triantos specializes in high-end, investment-grade fine art produced for residential and corporate spaces. Prolifically creative, he lives and works in Toronto where he has successfully represented himself for many years while further developing his innovative artistic styles. He has forged partnerships with designers, architects and developers, placing his paintings in private collections, model suites, and major lobbies across North America, Europe and Asia due to growing global demand for Peter Triantos’ neo-abstract expressionist works.

Peter Triantos creates radiant and harmonious worlds of intelligent colour, subtle yet explosive energy and vibrant emotion. Through his splashing paint technique, gestural brushstrokes, and liberal use of impasto, Triantos produces large-scale impactful works that are bold, visually striking and tender. For his many fans and collectors, he offers a euphoric breath of fresh air; he brings dynamic new ways to articulate his core belief: that art can and should be joyful, passionate and intrinsically aesthetic.

Peter Triantos has a diverse and vast body of work, each breathtaking series he creates is a thoughtful departure from the last. The hit ‘Jelly Bean’ series is a visual euphony of positive energy and joy. Intense colours and bold brush strokes come together to become lively arrangements that are simple yet sophisticated. In the ‘Splash of Colour II’ series, his dynamic use of saturated colours produce a vibrant, confident and audacious composition; a beautiful expression of movement, passion and vitality. Triantos’ spectacular ‘Napa Valley’ series is highly sought after and a designer's favourite. It encapsulates the essence of nature, offering the viewer an appreciation of its ultimate balance. His ‘Winter Paradise’ series exudes luxury, each piece has a distinctly calming beauty of its own.