Philip Tsiaras is a Greek artist who lives and works in New York City. Since 1974 he has had more than 80 solo exhibitions, including: Seattle Museum of Art, Studio Palazzoli, Milan, Shea & Beker Gallery, New York, Margulies/Taplin Gallery, Miami, Tegnerforbundet Gallery, Venice, Gallerie Dominion, Montreal,  Swank/ The Regency-Intercontinental, Hong Kong, Newport Art Museum, R.I., Stella Art Foundation, Moscow, Museum of Modern Art, Shenzhen.


Tsiaras works across a broad range of mediums including painting, photography, glass, ceramic, and bronze. The recipient of many national prizes, Tsiaras has won: The American Academy Award for Poetry, The Thomas Watson Fellowship, New York State C.A.P.S grant, two N.E.A. National Endowment Grants for Arts, nomination for the Blickle Stiftung International Photography Prize, Germany and The Generali Assicurazioni Gold Metal Award for “Civilita” Venice.


Tsiaras’ work is collected worldwide by corporations, private museum collections, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art and many others.