After making her debut as a painter in 1980, Norwegian-born Pia Myrvold soon moved in an interdisciplinary direction as she incorporated new and unexplored media into her artworks. Myrvold has created a unique discourse creating new hybrids from architecture, design, fine art, technology, fashion, Internet, video, contemporary dance and music.


Myrvold’s work has been exhibited in museums and galleries throughout the world, like Centre Pompidou in 2005 and Center of Architecture in New York in 2006. She recently held two major museum exhibitions in Norway: “Interfaces” at the Norwegian Center for Design and Architecture in 2007, and “In-formation” at the Rogaland Museum of Fine Arts in 2008.


Today, Myryold’s work continues to focus on the exchanges between man, his emotions, proggrammation of space and human interaction with new technology. Expressed in media as diverse as digigraphics, painting, watercolors, installation and video, Myrvold’s work reveals hidden congruencies of our contemporary reality as the unfold in the everyday fabric of urban life.