Available Works

Above is a small selection of featured works from our collection.

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Salvador Dali was one of the most iconic painters of the Twentieth Century, with a range of imaginative, striking and surrealist work. His repertoire was influenced by classical Renaissance masters, but he also enjoyed painting with an avant garde approach.

As well as painting, he became involved in film, sculpture and photography.

Dali was born in Catalonia (region of Spain in 1904) and placed great emphasis on his Arabic lineage (descendent of the Moors). He stated that this Arabic lineage influenced his approach to life and was a factor behind his love of luxury and oriental clothes.

Dali had a habit of doing eccentric things which polarised opinions. His eccentric manner was a reflection of his art and vice versa. The fact that he was always in the limelight made his paintings more famous. He could also display a supreme confidence.