“Inside Wall Street” a solo show featuring works by artist Nelon Saiers is opening on Thursday, April 7th, at the HG Contemporary Gallery, located on 527 W 23rd Street in New York City. Nelson Saiers is an artist, math Ph.D., and former hedge fund manager who walked away from Wall Street roughly a year ago, and is now using his actual hedge fund trading algorithm to comment on the Financial Crisis of 2008, Madoff, and other large-scale financial motivators and events. 

“Inside Wall Street” provides a social and historical discourse on Saiers’ experience as a proprietary trader in 2008 and explores the reasons behind the rarest of events in financial markets—crashes. Using mathematical and mythological analogy and snippets of his trading algorithm, Saiers delivers commentary on the factors and events that create market failures. “Inside Wall Street” explores the intersection of math, finance, and the personalities central to Wall Street. Pieces in the show track outlier events in financial markets along with human elements that led to them (including the misuse of correlations in recent market disruptions). Saiers focuses on his own experience in the Financial Crisis of 2008, while bringing in historical events ranging from the tulip bulb bubble to Madoff, and philosophical and mythological concepts from Icarus and Midas to the mortality of man. 

The show will run through May 3rd, 2016.