Triumphant Elephant from The Dalí Universe at Hoerle-Guggenheim Contemporary

22h x 8.40w x 12.20d in
55.88h x 21.34w x 31d cm

the elephant is Dali's iconoclastic symbol of the future and one of his favorite images is often depicted atop mosquito-like legs, emphasizing the contrast between robustness and fragility, much like the contrast between the past and modernity. the animal's jeweled saddle symbolizes wealth, and the dawn of a new era is announced by a flying angel, trumpeting success and prosperity. Dali's elephant exemplifies every individual's hope for abundance and good fortune in the future.

Conceived in 1975, the first cast in 1984.

Foundry: Perseo, Mendrisio, switzerland 

Homage to Newton from The Dalí Universe at Hoerle-Guggenheim Contemporary

15.35h x 6.10w x 4.33d in
39h x 15.50w x 11d cm

Dali honors and commends Newton for his discovery of the law of gravity. Dali chose this image as the main sculpture for the Museum Teatro-Dali. In May 1986 when the king of Spain dedicated a large plaza in Madrid to the artist, Dali created a 15-foot monument of this very image for its center. it will represent him for eternity.

Conceived and first cast in 1980.

Foundry: Perseo, Mendriso, Switzerland

Dalinian Dancer from The Dalí Universe at Hoerle-Guggenheim Contemporary

17.32h x 11w x 10.24d in
44h x 27.94w x 26d cm

inspired by her own inner force, this vibrant dancer moves to the intense and passionate rhythms of the Spanish flamenco, Dali was fascinated with the art and spirit of dance, especially that of the flamenco, emblematic of his homeland, and known for exploring the full range of human emotions. The dancer’s skirt twirls around her in a spontaneous display of vitality and ecstasy.

Conceived in 1949, First cast in 1984.

Foundry: Perseo, Mendriso, Switzerland.

Piece from The Dalí Universe at Hoerle-Guggenheim Contemporary

20.08h in
51h cm

The image of this roman warrior, as created by Dali, represents all victories, real and etherial, spiritual and physical. Dali's surrialistic interpretation of the warrior includes addition of a window of light, portrayed through a "hole" in warrior's chest - this window inspires us to attempt to see that which is not evident, as well as that which encompasses the dream world beyond everyday reality.

concieved in 1971.