Monuments: My American Dream by Tim Bengel at Hg Contemporary

How many times in life one can say these words and really mean them? And then this German artist came along and left us speechless. Three times in my life I experienced feelings of this magnitude: when I saw Michael Jackson and Lenny Kravitz perform live and then on September 7th when the HG Contemporary Gallery lead by another German, groundbreaking gallerist Philippe Artus Hoerle-Guggenheim, hosted Tim Bengel’s very first international Solo Exhibition titled Monuments: My American Dream.  


I entered the space and after reviewing the art I had to step away for a few moments to take some time to myself and reflect. I was mesmerized. To see it in videos and online is a beautiful experience. In person, it’s exhilarating, powerful, impactful. Mind-blowing. It made me rather think I was at The Louvre Museum looking at some master pieces. His riveting art is only equaled by his daring, extraordinary vision and his relentless pursuit for creating a memorable experience that transcends our Zeitgeist. It positions his work somewhere between the Golden Era of old masters and our Digital era and the beginning of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It’s traditional yet revolutionary. It brings along the mystery of past eras we have not witnessed in person and the ever evolving spirit of the progressive society we live in.


But how did it all start and where is this heading to? The acclaimed artist who was born in a small city Ostfieledern close to Stuttgart has a strong international following on social media of half a million and his videos received over 300 million views to date. He is larger than life and what’s even more enticing, he doesn’t even realize it. In person, the twenty-six years old artist is reminiscent of a Prince from One Thousand and One Night Stories. Stunningly beautiful and humble, he marvels at the world with purity and admiration and raves about New York City. It’s the place to be, he tells me. I love the captivating energy of the city and the fact that every corner inspires you to dream big. Hence most of his work exposed today is a reflection of his passion for the city that never sleeps.


What defines him as a revolutionary artist and will end up positioning him along the greatest artists of all time is not only his technique that he refined to the level of achieving great recognition value but also his approach to occasionally revealing his art work in front of stunned audiences. It’s an exquisite experience unlike other. The ten seconds that allow the sand to fall off the artwork are the equivalent of a miracle happening under our eyes. One never knows what to expect but the result is always breath taking. The audiences become part of the creation process in a way. His art is interactive, engaging. Captivating. It’s a process. It’s an evolution. Artnet defines his as the artist who turns sand into gold, and many international publications compare him to the likes of Basquiat, Banksy and Keith Haring.


Unnecessary to say that the HG Contemporary Gallery looks like a dream these days. My American Dream, the three piece artwork dedicated to his favorite city, is greeting us at the entrance allowing us to step into a territory that as of now is ruled by dreams and hopes and the promise of an incredibly successful future. It’s memorable. A splendid take on our city with a touch of German nostalgia. The golden effects are shining bright reminding us that us too, we are allowed to dream big. As Tim says: If you have a dream, DREAM IT BIG!


Tribute to Andy Warhol 2017 and Heimat, Palace of Stuttgart, literally got me glued to the space. I looked, and then I looked again, and I really didn’t want to leave the gallery that night. And one doesn’t ever have to do so…because our heart can get attached and leave a part of it wherever it feels it belongs.


I will never forget the very special night of September when Tim allowed us to share his dream, his passions and his love. And I know that we shall meet again because no art lover can stay away for too long from his favorite artists. And on September 7th Tim Bengel became one of my favorite artists of all time.


Until we meet again keep dreaming big, Tim! This is just a beginning of a beautiful journey and a career that will transcend space and time. Because true art is the universal language and the vehicle that allows us to be just mere seconds away from any era we wish to pay tribute to. Also, bis bald! And Vielen Dank! Monuments was truly a monumental experience.