Personal Statement: Fidan Bagirova

“In these turbulent times of divisiveness and polarization, I am interested in engaging with issues of religious reconciliation, peace and harmony by invoking the traditional symbolism of flowers as a means of communication on both a human and cultural level. The sculptures of “Voyage En Fleurs” deliberately reference the language of abstract expressionism. They are inspired by societal issues of immigration and exploring ideas around the dreams of new life. For many years people have emigrated to the United States of America not only hoping to fulfill their dreams but also to unlock the imagination promised by the ‘new world’ as it was once known. These sculptures are produced by crafting floral forms from recycled rough aluminum sheets, which are then painted in saturated color palettes. Although they are intended to appeal directly to the eye, it is only on closer inspection that their surfaces are revealed as having been beaten and smashed. The constructions themselves are comprised of thin metal, and like the flowers to which they refer, are more fragile that they first appear. In many ways this fragility also relates directly to human subjectivity and the blossoming of individual human lives.


Each individual struggles to present the most beautiful version of themselves in spite of the trials and tribulations endured to reach this point. As such the abstract flowers of ‘Voyage en Fleurs’ have their own life, albeit one born of the imagination. The imagination is always a double-edged sword, encompassing both hope and the potential for broken dreams, but it is the endless potential of the imagination that remains alluring: and why our dreams exist and endure. Faced by a society that seems to strive for beauty and perfection it is possible that core human values such as warmth and soul might easily be lost. But it is the fragile balance between the two, the appeal of this beautiful elusive potential, that this work is intended to evoke.”


– Artist Fidan Bagirova


Metal flora sculptor and multimedia artist Fidan Bagirova procures inspiration from nature, cultural history, and geographically inclined traditions that populate a multicultural world.


Contemporary artist with degrees in Art, Journalism, and International relations, Fidan’s work focuses on exploring the dynamics of evoking and expressing positive emotions through multimedia projects. 

Reminiscent of abstract expressionism, she employs industrial materials with a discordant combination of techniques, styles, and colors that unravel in new forms.


Fidan is interested in societal issues of immigration, engaging with religious reconciliation, multiculturalism, peace, and harmony. 

What it is to be a person living in the world –what identity, dreams and beauty mean and why people are compelled to transform theirs.

Fidan Bagirova was born in Geneva, Switzerland. She is from Azerbaijan. Currently lives and works between Dubai and London.


New York film Academy, New York, USA

Azerbaijan Art Academy, Baku, Azerbaijan

Inchbald School of Design, London, UK

MA in International Journalism, London City University, London, UK

BA International Relations, University of Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland