Artist's Statement


Holger Meier, alias ‘Kinki Texas,’ is a German Contemporary artist from Bremen living and working in Berlin. He has been concentrating on three-dimensional animation, video installations and music videos. However, it’s in drawing and painting that his ideas will always be born; the movement of brush and pen giving life to his macabre fantasies.


While Kinki Texas has a very particular theme and subject matter in mind when he begins working on each piece, he also reacts to what happens during the painting process and day of work. As a result, the development of the images can take unexpected and surprising turns. He paints, sprays, writes, wipes and scrapes away until he reaches a state where any additional painterly touch would overload the image, but any missing one would make it seem unfinished. It is all about finding balance in the chaos.


The heroic figures in “Kinki Texas Space” (what the artist calls his creative universe) draw as much inspiration from the comic genre as they do from history books, employing means of depiction borrowed from graffiti, trash and punk culture, as well as from centuries of history painting. Their appearance ranges from slightly odd to truly bizarre and grim; some of them have a warlike, and at times, rather frightening demeanor. They confront the viewer with loaded guns, pose in suits of armor with swords drawn, or appear like Native Americans on horses with headdresses, bows and arrows.