Marc Gumpinger is an accomplished technology entrepreneur who built one of the world's most influential mobile social gaming networks, eventually acquired by Blackberry®. Prior to founding the gaming network, Marc earned a PhD in Human Biology. His visionary capacity and deep knowledge of the future, innovation led to his journey as an art maker. Marc leverages 3D software and associated algorithms also used by movie production companies to create utterly un-real worlds that he paints in large format oil on canvas.


Reflecting on his work, Gumpimger said, "My works question our perception of reality in times where a significant part of our life happens digitally. The paintings figuratively depict a reality that was entirely created on the computer. Now, what is more real: the computer reality or the oil painting? This is the transformation of surrealist Rene' Magritte's 'Ceci n'est pas une pipe' into the digital age."