Tombstone Engraved "I Was Present" by Tim Bengel at Hg Contemporary
Los Angeles Inspiration by Tim Bengel at Hg Contemporary
Lacma by Tim Bengel at Hg Contemporary

Press Release



October 10th, 2019 - November 11th, 2019


New York, NY – HG Contemporary is pleased to announce the latest solo exhibition by contemporary artist Tim Bengel entitled, “I Was Present.” Opening Thursday, October 10th and running through Monday, November 11th, 2019.


Tim Bengel is widely considered as one of the most important, influential and famous artists of his generation. Throughout his career, the 27 year old German artist has developed new apporoaches to the already exstisting and crossed the boundries between art and mass culture. 


Yet despite these achievements, Bengel has never been the subject of a retrospective showing the full scope of his work. Containing more than a dozen objects dating from 2016 to the present, this exhibition will be the most versatile devoted to Bengel‘s innovative and aesthetical pleasing oeuvre.


Bengel is widely known for his hyper-detailed gold-leaf embellished sand paintings as well as for his monumental public artwork ‘Flower Skull Cemetery’. With over a quarter million social media followers, he chooses his themes carefully, wanting each “to be a challenge” and “not to be subordinated to anyone or any ideology.” His focus is, therefore, to continue defining the unique qualities of his artistic expression while experimenting with new and bold methods. “My conviction is that arts can neither be learned nor taught. The whole of the arts needs to be absolutely free.”