Piece from Fit by Jan Larsen at Hg Contemporary
Piece from Fit by Jan Larsen at Hg Contemporary Art Gallery
Don't Just Dream by Jan Larsen at Hg Contemporary Art Gallery
Piece from Fit by Jan Larsen at Hg Contemporary Nyc
Upward Waterfalls from Fit by Jan Larsen at Hg Contemporary Nyc
Yuge from Fit by Jan Larsen at Hg Contemporary Nyc
Piece from Fit by Jan Larsen at Hg Contemporary Nyc, founded by Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim
Works from Fit by Jan Larsen at Hg Contemporary

Press Release



Meditations from America

New work by Jan Larsen

HG Contemporary

527 West 23rd Street, New York

Opens April 12


New York (March 8, 2018) – HG Contemporary is pleased to present the next show from New-York-based artist Jan Larsen.  Debuting works in multiple media from the artist’s late-2017 and early-2018 meditations on the meanings of the word ‘fit’ – as in physical beauty, readiness-to-lead, and ‘fitting-the-bill’ – the show is the artist’s fourth with the gallery.


FIT extends several streams of work begun in Larsen’s 2015 debut with HG – works that reference mass and social media, their impacts on our social fabric, icons from popular culture, metaphorical colorfield works, text-based “word work,” posed photographs, and conceptual sculptural installations that meditate on and respond to some of the history and present fragmented social state of America, and its place in our current global social context.


The show will also debut a new series of abstract paintings that extend Larsen’s work into the realm of abstract expressionism.


“After arriving in New York in 1997, my work began with painting in a massive shared fifth-floor walk-up loft in Alphabet City in Manhattan’s East Village, and starting a representative practice in 2000, followed by a 15-year inquiry into the discipline and practice of fine art – the challenges of finding talent, of presenting work, and of facilitating the development of positive relationships between collectors, clients, and artists, all the while developing my own approach and materials work.”


“Having represented scores of artists and clients all over the world on primary and secondary markets, I was finally ready to launch into my own career with a show with HG in the Fall of 2015 entitled Market Makers, meditating on the overlap between art and business that has been going on since the development of mass media in the lead-up to the First and Second World Wars.  This show is the next step in that meditation, and in the case of the abstract work, a departure from it, into the realm of pure aesthetic.”


Jan Larsen (b. 1967, Cincinnati, Ohio) is a New-York-based contemporary artist exploring contemporary culture and philosophy in his work.  Working in digital and traditional media, his work is bold and playful, while holding serious philosophical impact and long-term meditative and aesthetic value for viewers.  We are excited to present this bold new voice in contemporary art to the critical community, and to the markets at large.


HG Contemporary is a breakthrough contemporary art gallery specializing in bold, process-oriented work by emerging and established artists from the twenty-first century.  Founded by Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim in 2014, HG has built a reputation as a fearless bellwether for new artists, producing shows that embrace groundbreaking aesthetics and concepts.  For more information about HG Contemporary Gallery, please visit: www.hgcontemporary.com.



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