Born in America's heartland and raised on its East coast, Jan was raised around fine art and the artistic process.


Studying at Columbia University in New York, receiving undergraduate and graduate degrees from Harvard and Oxford Universities, he studied art-as-process at Boston's Museum of Fine Art and returned to New York to begin painting in 1997, proceeding to build a global fine art practice from the ground up, representing scores of artists, operating hundreds of exhibitions and building and operating 4 brick-and-mortar galleries while educating himself in art history and developing his production practice.


Jan has produced, bought, and sold millions of dollars' worth of modern and contemporary work on primary and secondary markets, auctioned work for charity, and lent it internationally in partnership with the US State Department. He debuted his solo career in September 2015 with a show with HG Contemporary.


"I make work that is, I hope, at turns entertaining, energizing, beautiful, useful, perhaps moving, and responding to the conversation of modern and contemporary art as I see it, as well as to current events.  A relative of Beuys' and Duchamp's work, I consider my oeuvre, if I may use that word, to be culture in motion."