Where in the World
straight shot
upward waterfalls
light of the World
golden from the pixelated fabric series
Mark meets David

yes Mark from the pixelated fabric series (2016-7)


Completed in a limited edition of three prints (49.25”/125cm square, chromogenic print on Fujiflex Crystal high-gloss digital printing medium, mounted on anodized aluminum under gallery “float” plexiglass), this seminal work from the pixelated fabric series evolved into this vibrant, compelling, and popular color-field composition from three Instagram posts starting on November 7th, 2016, which can be found on the artist’s Instagram feed @janlarsenart


The first in Larsen’s popular eight-work pixelated fabric high-gloss color-field series, this work calls for the pursuit of social and political progress through central paths of moderation, following what he viewed as the unwise, deleterious, and controversial result of the 2016 US election, resulting in his opinion from a period of pronounced social and political polarization that was facilitated, ironically, by social media.


You can get a feel for some of the ideas behind the work in the artist’s voice here:


A complete one-page statement on the series is available from the gallery.

vertical suede (2017)
in love (2017)
never give in (2017)
gotta give (2017)
"get a job" (2017)
between us (2015)




November 2016 – August 2017