Pieces from Solid by Jan Larsen at Hg Contemporary in Chelsea Nyc

Press Release

HG Contemporary is pleased to present an upcoming residence and special preview by

New-York-based neo-pop artist Jan Larsen in the project room of its flagship gallery in

Chelsea, New York.


Extending themes begun in Larsen’s 2015 debut, solid presents some of the artist’s

reflections on the impact of market media, social media, and communications technology

on contemporary society, extending his traditional-materials work with a series of abstract-

expressionist paintings informed by Chinese calligraphy and Japan’s Gutai School, and

introduces new sculptures and commission sketches.


HG will host a special Friday vernissage to introduce the work on the evening of Friday,

September 21st, from 7-9pm at its Chelsea location, at 527 West 23rd Street.




Born in the ‘summer of love’ in the American Midwest and raised on its East Coast, Jan

Larsen began his undergraduate studies at Columbia University in New York prior to

earning undergraduate and graduate degrees from Harvard and Oxford universities and

studying studio arts at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.


Returning to New York in 1997 to complete what he calls “a 15-year inquiry into the

character, art history, and living, breathing, Beuys-style experiential-performance-sculpture

professional practice of fine art,” Jan proceeded to build a global fine art practice called Jan

Larsen Art, and brought it to trade globally.


From 2000 to 2015, Jan represented scores of artists, produced hundreds of exhibitions,

and built and operated 4 brick-and-mortar galleries, all while developing his own production

practice and his reflections on art.


In September of 2015, Jan debuted his solo career with a show called Market Makers at

HG Contemporary in New York, and he now shows world-wide, based out of production

facilities, gallery settings, hospitality spaces, and private spaces in New York.


During the 15 years of his representative practice and the 3 of his solo career since, Jan

has bought, sold, and produced millions of dollars’ worth of modern and contemporary work

on primary and secondary markets, auctioned work for charity, and lent it internationally in

partnership with the US State Department.