Dante's Plane Carrier by Kinki Texas From Unraveled at HG Contemporary art gallery in Chelsea Nyc
Translator Imperii by Kinki Texas From Unraveled at HG Contemporary art gallery in Chelsea Nyc
Namenloser Lohengrin by Kinki Texas From Unraveled at HG Contemporary art gallery in Chelsea Nyc
Narcis Partnership by Kinki Texas From Unraveled at HG Contemporary art gallery in Chelsea Nyc
Hitchcock's Black knights of jericho by Kinki Texas From Unraveled at HG Contemporary art gallery in Chelsea Nyc

Press Release

New York, NY – HG Contemporary is pleased to host an exhibition of new works from a private collection by German artist Holger Meier AKA ‘Kinki Texas’ entitled Unraveled, opening Thursday, June 6, 2019 and running through Friday, June 28, 2019. 


Unraveled is comprised of raw, somewhat unrefined appearances of heroes and anti-heroes; matched by the roughness of the painterly gesture with which they have been captured by the German artist on the canvas or the paper. There is no trace here of a meticulous painting style - instead the large-scale, vibrantly colored canvases have a crude, garish finish. Presented in five large-scale paintings and sixteen drawings, the visual motifs in Kinki Texas´ universe are characterized by their reference to landmark history, psychology, culture and art history. These motifs are accompanied by written words, some of which have been sprayed on, others scratched or written with pen into the top layers of paint. The singing cowboys, warrior crusaders and bandaged skeletal figures may appear to have been quickly dashed off, but have in fact been developed over a period of months. Their lengthy process of creation is only revealed on closer inspection, when the different stages of the picture’s evolution and its details can gradually be traced. 


While Kinki Texas has a very particular theme and subject matter in mind when he begins working on each piece, he also reacts to what happens during the painting process and day of work. As a result, the development of the images can take unexpected and surprising turns. He paints, sprays, writes, wipes and scrapes away until he reaches a state where any additional painterly touch would overload the image, but any missing one would make it seem unfinished. It is all about finding balance in the chaos.


The heroic figures in “Kinki Texas Space” (what the artist calls his creative universe) draw as much inspiration from the comic genre as they do from history books, employing means of depiction borrowed from graffiti, trash and punk culture, as well as from centuries of history painting. Their appearance ranges from slightly odd to truly bizarre and grim; some of them have a warlike, and at times, rather frightening demeanor. They confront the viewer with loaded guns, pose in suits of armor with swords drawn, or appear like Native Americans on horses with headdresses, bows and arrows.


About Holger Meier AKA Kinki Texas

Holger Meier, alias ‘Kinki Texas,’ is a German Contemporary artist living and working in Bremen. He has been concentrating on three-dimensional animation, video installations and music videos. However, it’s in drawing and painting that his ideas will always be born; the movement of brush and pen giving life to his macabre fantasies.




About HG Contemporary

HG Contemporary is a global fine art gallery founded and curated by Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim in the United States and Europe; cities New York, Madrid, Napa Valley and Brooklyn. Hoerle-Guggenheim has built a reputation for identifying and cultivating artists worldwide and producing shows that embrace groundbreaking aesthetics, concepts and visual expression. 

Hoerle-Guggenheim has an unparalleled eye for quality, combined with a distinct skill for nurturing and promoting new art. He exhibits both internationally and locally acclaimed artists whose processes and backgrounds are unique, diverse, and relevant. HG Contemporary prioritizes personal investigation and individual narratives with a mission to create value for art collectors and artists alike. This commitment carries an innovative and clear vision about producing exceptional art exhibitions as well as a deep understanding of visual culture's function within and beyond the walls of the gallery. 

Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim and HG Contemporary has represented artists and produced exhibitions featuring AICAN, Alison Jackson, Arsen Savadov, CÉVÉ, Dan Eldon, Doug Menuez, Jan Larsen,Jason Dussault, Laura Kimpton, Massimo Agostinelli, McCrow, Mehwish Iqbal, Nelson Saiers, Natvar Bhavsar,RETNA,Salvador Dalí,Simon Zabell, Stuart McAlpine Miller, Tim Bengel, Zurab Tsereteli among many others. Philippe is also known for curation beyond HG Contemporary walls; partnering with brands like Aston Martin and Louis XIII and street artists like Kobra; curating mass projects across the globe.   


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