The work of Carlos Franco, born in 1951 in Madrid, is characterized by the representation of color as a medium for the expression of the senses. It is a figurative and humanistic style of painting influenced by Western global art, combining the history of different places and their cultures and charged with classical symbols and meaning. Drawing has been the main protagonist of his work throughout, since the beginning of his career to his most current work. It is for this reason that he is one of the most recognized contemporary artists in his field, spanning from figurative art to landscapes using this technique.

He has exhibited at ARCO since 2000 represented by different galleries. His work is present in Museums and Collections as among those that stand out the Reina Sofía National Art Center Museum or the Caixa collection, among others.


HG Contemporary Madrid, is pleased to present the exhibition "Visto, No Visto" (Seen , Unseen) by Carlos Franco, made up of a series of works painted with different techniques, created mostly within the last year, 2018. 

These are works of a special lyricism that reflect many of the tendencies and elements already present in his career but which acquire a special harmony between drawing and color, almost on parallel paths, the oneiric and the traditional and, in general, the construction of images and scenes full of vivid cultural and personal references.

We wanted to included some previous works into the exhibition which convey the seed from which this new line of work now finds its splendor. "Visto, no visto" refers to these last works in which the suggested is imposed on the literal view of the present so that what we see opens immediately, as in a game, a torrent of imaginary elements.