"True to Self' by Franz Klainsek 

"Calrity" by Franz Klainsek 

"Waltz" by Franz Klainsek 

"Through My Veins" table painted by Franz Klainsek 

"Ceremonia" by Franz Klainsek 

Mark Meets David

"Focus" by Jan Larsen

"Straight Shot" by Jan Larsen 

"yes Mark" by Jan Larsen 

"Upward Waterfalls" by Jan Larsen 

pixelated fabric selections from Jan Larsen Art

"Doppelganger" Vinyl Mural by Stickymonger 

"My Dignity on My Chair" by Stickymonger 

My Universe, Your Universe

"My Universe, Your Universe" by Stickymonger 

"Night Skating" by Stickymonger 

"William Shakespeare" by Massimo Agostinelli 

"In The Rain" painting by Olga Tobreluts 

"Dollar" monogram by Olga Tobreluts 

The Queen In Her

by Niclas Castello

"#" by Laura Kimpton 

"Primitivist" glass sculpture by Philip Tsiaras 

"Primitivist" bronze sculpture by Philip Tsiaras 

Press Release

HG Contemporary Announces

AUGUST: Respected and Impressive

A Mixed Show Featuring Artists Niclas Castello, Franz Klainsek, Olga Tobreluts, Massimo Agostinelli, Laura Kimpton, Jan Larsen, Conor Mccreedy, and Stickymonger

July 27th - August 30th, 2017


This will be a survey show of very unique talent featuring a variety of mediums and styles from sculpture to vinyl mastery, paintings and lithographs.



Mural made of vinyl stickers by Stickymonger, aka. Joohee Park currently on display in HG Contemporary


Stickymonger, aka. Joohee Park is most passionate about converting spaces into imaginary worlds by producing large murals of black “stickers,” cut from massive sheets of vinyl. She installs these murals piece-by-piece, creating cohesive images over galleries' walls and murals. Now based in New York, Park grew up in Korea. She usually represents themes like prejudice and anxiety through the large eyes of the little girls she depicts.


"through my veins" Franz Klainsek.jpg

“Through My Veins,” a table painted by Franz Klainsek


Franz Klainsek is self taught American artist of Cuban / Austrian descent. He initially honed his signature painting style of obsessive movements of pointillism, scribbling, elusive symbols and characters in 2013. This started after his first residence deep within the Amazon Jungle of Peru, where he had spent months in isolation, practicing shamanism with the Shipibo Indians.

Massimo Angostinelli.jpg

“William Shakespeare” by Massimo Agostinelli


HG Contemporary featured a solo exhibition by Massimo Agostinelli in 2015. The Italian American contemporary artist lives and works in Switzerland and developed his style after pursuing apprenticeships in typesetting, typography and other forms of printmaking. He specializes in drawing/painting photography and printmaking, primarily working with text-art using various forms of 'word-play' and 'visual poetry.'


Jan Larsen1.jpg

“Focus” by Jan Larsen  


Artist Jan Larsen will bring preview selections from his popular touring “pixelated fabric” series on anodized aluminum for the show.  Jan studied art as process at Boston’s Museum of Fine Art after receiving degrees from Harvard and Oxford and studying at Columbia University.  Returning to New York to begin painting in 1997, Jan built a global fine art practice with 4 brick-and-mortar galleries, advising clients on all aspects of collecting world-class work, representing them at auction, and lending work internationally in partnership with the US State Department, before turning to focus fully on production of his own work.  He was delighted to debut his career with a well-received solo show at HG in 2015 called “Market Makers,” and now shows internationally, based in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Olga Tobreluts.jpg

“Dollar,” a lenticular print by Olga Tobreluts    


Olga Tobreluts was forefront in the digital art movement in Russia and was part of the Neo-Academism group of artists. She works with photography, video, painting and sculpture to explore adaptive evolution in human visual perception in the 21st century. Her work is defined by mastery of technique, with distinct lines and color choices that bring attention to the multifaceted nature of of any subject, suggesting “meditation on what is important and how the environment we live in affects us.” Olga lives in St. Petersburg while maintaining studios studios in Berlin, Germany and San Tagliamento, Italy.


Laura Kimpton.jpg

“#” and “Rainbow LOVE” by Laura Kimpton


HG has brought back Selected works by multimedia artist Laura Kimpton, who had a solo exhibition in HG Contemporary this past spring. Laura works to invoke reactions from viewers through her art. She is continually exploring new mediums in her search for revelatory communication, incorporating photography, found objects, televisions, and paint.


niclas castello.jpg

Sculpture by Niclas Castello


Niclas Castello is a German artist who established his style with the street art movement in East Germany. He then joined the street art scene around INVADER in Paris before returning to Germany and deciding to move to New York to develop his career. He then spent two-years at the home of curator and performance artist Arleen Schloss, immersing himself in neo-expressionist compositions to develop his distinctive style known to today’s art community. He is now one of today’s most respected contemporary artists worldwide.


-The Rising Swan-,2017. Pigments and oil on belgian linen. 120cm x 80cm.jpg

“The Rising Swan” by Conor Mccreedy


HG Contemporary’s front West room will continue to show paintings by Conor Mccreedy, where he has made one of the walls an artpiece in itself. Mccreedy cites the landscapes of where he was raised in Southern Africa, with "cobalt skies that meet the powerful Indian and Atlantic oceans, filled with endless shades of blue" as inspiration for his work. By using one color, he focuses on process, technique and material exploration, working to “transcend visionary barriers.” Based in Zurich, Mccreedy has sold out solo exhibitions internationally.


About HG Contemporary:

In 2014 Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim founded the HG Contemporary Gallery, which specializes in bold, process-oriented work by emerging and established artists. HG Contemporary is committed to developing its international program as a modern and contemporary art gallery by presenting ambitious and diverse exhibitions that emphasize both aesthetics and concept. Previous exhibitions held at the gallery have featured artists Stuart McAlpine Miller, RETNA, Jason Dussault, Raphael Mazzucco, Olga Tobreluts and Massimo Agostinelli.  www.hgcontemporary.com